R0s5 Ville

¡^j Sept 20,9.30am: After a ja&tabJe (rose/ night, Bragg LntendedPfllk-ind Longstreet to altaiJthciurt; aM-w the attack is delaytd.-Wiwii it-colitis repulsed by he^vy Eire fde ra! divisions iji'Nejjl^arid Barman

9-30-I0am: Cleburne's awl Bree&anridges Goniederatefcaftiiii burart repaired

Mam-noon; Iitjsecrad^ thinking there is

— a gap in his.line> although Brannan is in position -odeis ^ood to pi tig the hole. Longitreeil Coniedeiales lunge through gap left !:■■ 'iV'ji ■■i. scattering the Federals,

' ai j McFarlancl's Gap


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