he Susquehanna opened the ball, and in a few minutes the entire fleet concentrated its fire on Fort Hatteras... The bombardment was continued without intermission, when, at half-past eleven... a white flag was displayed on the fort... General Butler... demanded an unconditional surrender These terms after a Council of War, were accepted."

New York Illustrated News, September 16, 1861.

Aug 27: Stringham's Federal squadron Yorkville ^ ' arrives off Hatteras. Preparations for f FnR

landing get underway

landing VI

' ^ 10 am: Naval squadron begins firing on ~ ' Fort Clark passing in from in eliptica! ' pattern

■/ \ s vAlston"". (12:30 pm: (/infedcralcs abasfion Foi l 5

Aug 29,5:30 am: Squadron opens fire on V Q Fort Hatteras. At. 11:10 Fort Hatteras N.

surrenders f iT) ^ort Capture<i (see map bottom right)

n Fayettevili williston i FTmIK

40 miles

> Hantphm Baads


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