February 21. 1862

f J Confederates launch a two ¡flanged w attack on Federal right and left

On the ConfalerateM Maj. Chides " PryoriJ| assault is repulsed V

("cp} MtRae's Federal battel)' is overran and New Mexico Volunteers routed )

Entire Federal fee retires lo Fori Crjig ï

Col Edward Canby (above) commanded a force of approximately 1,000 territorial militia, inadequately trained and equipped. In preparation for Sibley's anticipated assault, Canby was able to raise five regiments with the assistance of prominent New Mexicans. As a result of his having won the battle of Glorieta Pass, Canby was promoted and transferred to Washington where he was named Assistant Adjutant General. Having survived the war, in which his last act was to accept the surrender of Confederate generals Edmund Kirby Smith and Richard Taylor, Canby met his death at the hands of the Madoc Indians in 1873.

March 1: Federals evacuate Albuquerque

March 11: Slough reaches Fort ^ Union

March 22: Slough leaves Fort ^^^ Union to recapture Santa Fe from Confederates

March 25-26: Confederates march east from Santa Fe, but are defeated by Chivington's Federals in Apache Canyon

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