1863 10 May Confederate General 'Stonewall' Jackson dies

9 June Cavalry battle at Brandy Station

14-15 June Second Battle of Winchester

28 June General George G. Meade replaces Joseph Hooker in command of the Federal Army of the Potomac in the midst of the campaign, just before the war's largest battle 1-3 July Battle of Gettysburg 13-14 July Lee's Confederates recross the Potomac river into Virginia, ending the main phase of the Gettysburg campaign. At the same time, frenzied mobs in New York City riot in opposition to conscription, killing or wounding hundreds of victims, many of them black citizens resented as a visible cause of the war and the draft.

8-14 September Lee detaches General Longstreet with one-third of the army's infantry to go west and reinforce Confederate operations in Georgia and Tennessee. Meade moves south against Lee, but only heavy skirmishing results. 14 October Battle of Bristoe Station

7 November Battle of Rappahannock Station

19 November President Lincoln delivers the Gettysburg Address 26 November-2 December Battle of Mine Run

8 November President Lincoln issues a Proclamation of Amnesty and Reconstruction, offering pardons to any Confederate willing to take an oath of allegiance

1864 9 March Grant is commissioned lieutenant-general, to command all Federal armies. He would make his headquarters with the Army of the Potomac, and soon exert virtually direct command over it. 4-6 May Battle of the Wilderness 8-21 May Battle of Spotsylvania Court House

11 May Battle of Yellow Tavern; General J. E. B. Stuart is mortally wounded and dies the next day 15 May Battle of New Market 23-27 May Battle of the North Anna River

I-3 June Battle of Cold Harbor 5 June Battle of Piedmont

12 June Army of the Potomac starts move to cross James river

15-18 June Opening engagements around Petersburg, while Confederate General Jubal Early arrives near Lynchburg to launch his long and crucial campaign in the Shenandoah valley 22-23 June Battle for the Weldon Railroad near Petersburg 9 July Battle of Monocacy

II-12 July Early's Confederates stand on the outskirts of Washington; President Lincoln comes under long-range fire

24 July Second Battle of Kernstown 30 July Dramatic explosion of mine at Petersburg turns into the Battle of the Crater

18-25 August Battles of the Weldon Railroad and Reams' Station 23 August Lincoln submits to his cabinet a sealed memo stating that 'it seems exceedingly probable that this Administration will not be re-elected,' and pledging support after the election to the president-elect

14-17 September The Beefsteak Raid 19 September Third Battle of Winchester

22 September Battle of Fisher's Hill 29 September-7 October Fighting around Richmond and Petersburg at Fort Harrison, Chaffin's Bluff, New Market Heights, Darbytown Road, and Boydton Plank Road 9 October Cavalry fight at Tom's Brook 19 October Battle of Cedar Creek 27 October Battle of Burgess' Mill 8 November President Lincoln re-elected with 55 percent of popular vote

1865 5-7 February Battle of Hatcher's Run 6 February Lee appointed Commander-in-Chief of all Confederate armies by Congress, against President Davis's wishes - far too late to affect the prosecution of the war

2 March Early's last remnant destroyed at the Battle of Waynesboro 4 March Lincoln's Second Inaugural Address, 'With malice toward none ... '

13 March Confederate Congress approves raising of black troops

25 March Attack on Fort Stedman near Petersburg

29-31 March The final campaign in Virginia begins with fighting around Dinwiddie Court House

1 April Battle of Five Forks

2 April Confederate government evacuates Richmond

9 April Lee surrenders to Grant at Appomattox Court House

14 April Lincoln assassinated at Ford's Theater in Washington

1866 2 April State governments having been installed to meet Unionist directives, President Andrew Johnson officially proclaims 'that the insurrection ... is at an end and is henceforth to be so regarded'

1877 The last enforced military government in the ex-Confederate states is removed, and home rule is restored at the state level

Warring sides

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