Already gripped by a desperate fight during the Flashpoint Wave, the world of Algol became the first real meat-grinder in the Civil War by pure happenstance. Both the Twelfth Vegan Rangers' Gamma regiment and the Second Republican had been fighting for weeks, and each had quite ably whittled the other's strength and energy down. On the 13th of February, the Twelfth Vegan Beta regiment landed on Algol, followed three days later by the Third Republican. These new arrivals did little to break the stalemate and, following a few aborted attacks, pushed both sides back onto the defensive, the Twelfth Vegan in Dehelne and the Republicans in Algol City.

The stalemate ended on the 18th when both sides detected the arrival of the Fifteenth Deneb Light Cavalry. Having heard of the action on Demeter that forced the Fifteenth DLC into retreat,

Colonels al-Nahib and Desantis knew that, while they would be facing a weakened Fifteenth DLC, the presence of the Loyalist unit would tip the scales well against the two Twelfth Vegan regiments.

Fortune favored the mercenaries, however. Upon reporting the arrival of the Fifteenth DLC in the Algol system on the Capellan March command network, the two colonels received a message from General Olaf Richardson, commander of the Fifth Crucis Lancers. He would be arriving in-system at a pirate point that would bring he and some third of his command to the world ten hours ahead of the Fifteenth DLC. In the late-night hours of 25 February, the wodd of AlgoLwas again gripped by warfare.

The combined Allied force, fielding some six 'Mech battalions and seven more of armor, plus infantry, hit the Republicans' base in Algol City five hours ahead of the Fifteenth DLC'S landing. While the mercenaries dropped onto the Republicans' base, General Richardson lead his own forces against the city base. Three hours of heavy fighting saw the crippling or destruction of a hundred BattleMechs, and with more than a 2-to-l advantage, the Allied force drove the Republicans from their base.

Confusion reigned on the planet for the next eighteen hours, as the Fifteenth DLC grounded a mere seventy klicks away in the small city of Remagen, Most of the Republicans' DropShips managed to cscape the battle in Algol City and likewise grounded in Remagen while their surviving 'Mechs, barely eight companies worth, made their way overland to the LZ.

General Richardson initially pushed hard to follow the retreating Republicans. Indeed, though it took almost 50 minutes to regroup his forces, he pushed them hard and destroyed a DLC forward patrol 25 kilometers ahead of the LZ, continuing right on to the makeshift base itself. While the Fifteenth DLC was still in the process of unloading their DropShips, Richardson entered the base. Though his actions were certainly bold, bordering on the reckless, he knew that Major General Felsner was mere hours behind with the rest of the Fifth Crucis Lancers RCT. Never one to let an enemy regain the initiative, he instead pushed his command almost to the breaking point.

The combined air wings of the Fifth Crucis Lancers and the two mercenary regiments tore into the grounded Deneb Light Cavalry and the Republicans. Five DLC DropShips attempted to make a getaway, but only two successfully broke away from Richardson's fighters. Unfortunately they headed directly for the mercenary encampment in Debelne, which was being guarded by a few mercenary stragglers and a handful of Richardson's infantry. That, combined with the mounting casualties that the mercenaries were taking, prompted Colonel al-Nahib, commander of the Twelfth Vegan Beta regiment, to pull his surviving troops back an hour Into the LZ assault. Rather than be left soundly outnumbered and outgunned, General Richardson grudgingly pulled back as well, though only far enough away that he remained out of range of the DropShips' weapons. He maintained pressure on Marshal Michael Lipstein and his Fifteenth DLC until Major General Felsner landed In Debelne and Algol City.

Both sides were seriously hurt In the battle, but the Republican Guards took the brunt of the damage, having left more than a third of their BattleMechs behind as salvage in

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