Noble Ruler: Duchess Manan Hargrove-Sung Star Type (Recharge Time): G5V (186 hours) Position In System: 4th Time to Jump Point: 7.47 days Number of Satellites: 2 (Hargrove, Sung) Surface Gravity: 1.1

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable)

Surface Water Coverage: 50 percent

Equatorial Temperature: 30° C (Warm-Temperate)

Highest Native Life: Fish

Recharging Station: Zenith

HPG Class Type: B

Population Size: 3,354,000.000

Socio-Industrial Levels: C-B-C-C-A

An original world of the old Tikonov Union, Algol became an important agricultural center during the height of Star League. Algol produced enough food to trade and supply all the worlds within one Jump. A large world Algol has two major continents and a few islands. The largest continent, Shalom, hosts 3 major cities as well as the planetary capital of Algol City. It is here that the planet's food exports are brought in for shipment off world through its large spaceport. Algol City was founded on the coast due to the abundant amount of fish found in the surrounding waters. Exploration of its remaining continent ot Durant revealed the soli was highly enriched and could produce a wide range of agricultural products. The planet immediately began to grow and flourish due to this newfound discovery.

During the Fourth Succession War, Count Wayne Hargrove-Sung had negotiated the peaceful Surrender of the world follow Ing the defeat of Ariana Fusiliers. In doing SO, the Count saved the planet from suffering more damage then it already had. Algol had

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