Rash: 21 December 3062

Matters on the world of Algol were relatively peaceful. That is until the start of the fighting on Kathil and Victor Steiner-Davion's broadcast following the death of his brother. One short jump away from New Aragon, word about the troubles on that world reached Algol almost as it happened. Frightened by the hard-hitting tactics employed by the Twelfth Vegan Rangers' Alpha Regiment, Leftenant General Suzie Foster and her Second Republican were naturally concerned about sharing Algol with the Twelfth's Gamma Regiment.

While the MechWarriors of Gamma were nominal supporters of the ousted Prince, they had no plans to engage the Second Republican and instead prepared to boost off-world in order to lend support to Alpha on New Aragon. Unfortunately, the Second Republican ignored their messages informing them of their plans to leave Algol and interpreted Gamma's activities as preparations for action against them. On the 21st of December, the Second Republican hit Gamma hard in their Debelne encampment. The two regiments battled for three days in and around Delbelne, pulling no punches and leveling more than half of the city. Gamma's heavy armor assets prevented the Second Republican from just rolling over them, but the surprise attack hurt the regiment badly. Firmly entrenched in the city, however, Gamma could not be dislodged. The Second pulled out of Debelne only after Gamma staged a raid of its own on the Second Republican's base in Algol City, escaping with several thousand tons of supplies and spare parts under the cover of their fighter wing.

The Second Republican tried again On the 27th of December, placing Gamma and Debelne under siege. The Second Republican's DropShip group and Gamma's aerospace wing constantly fought for air superiority over the city, in the midst of the dogfighting, the Second Republican only successfully made one combat drop in three into Debelne.

For their part, Gamma held onto as much of the rapidly disintegrating city as possible, though during the siege they did their best to clear the city's 150,000 inhabitants out. By the 2nd of January, nearly 70% of the city's people had left, overtaxing the Second Republican's ability to keep the peace in their rear areas. Leftenant General Suzie Foster had to devote over a third of her command to refugee camps, but even with assistance from local police and militia units, the refugees were too much for Foster to handle. Gamma earned its second reprieve on the 5th of January, this one lasting some two weeks.

By the 20th, Foster had the refugee problem under control. Under the cover of their fighters, Gamma had struck out against three other military targets via combat drop during the intervening weeks, capturing more expendables from manufacturing depots all over the planet. During the intervening weeks, Colonel Christie Desantis received reports from 12th Vegan commander General Tom Stancel on New Aragon. Rather than route Beta Regiment to help him on New Aragon or to assist in the fight for Nanking, he was sending them directly to Algol, though they wouldn't arrive for some weeks yet.

Foster attacked again on the 22nd, pushing hard and trying to break Gamma's defensive line into small units that she could overwhelm. With Debelne rapidly turning into one massive rubble pile. Gamma was able to force the Second Republican into using just a few routes of advancement, easily creating a flexible defense of their portion of the city.

Foster maintained her probing attacks in the city, but pushed the bulk of her force into Debelne's spaceport, forcing Gamma to give up the field. Gamma very quickly fell back, though, waiting only until their DropShips and fighters boosted free of the field. As they left, Colonel Desantis ordered her 'Mechs to destroy the spaceport's fuel reserves, an action that cost Desantis three of her BattleMechs but took out a lance of Second Republicans and prevented them from using the field against Gamma.

Inside the city, Dcsantis still held a single DropShip pad within one of Debelne's massive grain processing plants. She kept most of her DropShips in space, operating her fighters from orbit—a fact that allowed her better Intelligence on Foster's movements. As a result, she wasn't surprised when Foster made another massive movement into Debelne on the 26th. What did surprise her was the ferocity of the attack, which pushed past three defensive points and into the outskirts of a second grain plant. By the time the Second Republican reached the plant, the weather had become so bad that Desantis lost her fighter cover.

The two sides fought for hours in the blinding rainstorm, but the battle suddenly ended when a stray PPC shot hit a damaged grain silo, causing a massive explosion that destroyed almost a dozen 'Mechs and seriously damaged more than twice that many. Both sides limped away from the battle barely intact.

When Foster returned to her command post, she received a message from Leftenant General Karl Lopiz, commander of the Third Republican. He was on the way from Yangtze with his regiment and would reach Algol by the middle of February. Foster, having lost over half of her command in the various battles, resolved to go onto the defensive until her sister unit reached the planet.

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