All The Primes Irer

I wish someone would make a goddamned decision sometime! I really don't understand how people can follow Victor. Well, that's not entirely true. He is the firstborn son of Hanse Davion. If he'd been a chiva monkey, three-quarters of the Federated Suns would follow him into battle without hesitation.

I can understand that it was tough growing up in the Royal Palace. But he's not a general. He's barely a battalion commander, and it shows in the way he fights. He has no concept of logistics, no idea how to actually maneuver a regiment, or heaven forbid, anything larger in battle. All he does is jump in his 'Mech and lead his men out to destroy something. Hell, if he was one of my battalion commanders, I'd probably be happy as a clam. Just point him at something and tell him to kill. He's good at that. But if he didn't have that Daishi, he would have been dead years ago.

Oh, I know I'm being hard on him, but that's because he just pisses me off so much sometimes. Everything he does has to be a damn committee decision. Everyone has to weigh in with their own opinion. I swear, he's more concerned with everyone's feelings than he is about making the right decision. Normally.

Right now, he's not even leading by committee. Everyone close to him is tiptoeing around like he'll break if they don't shield him. He's the goddamn commander! You know, I don't give a damn who he lost. We've all lost someone close to us, but it's been seven months for God's sake! You accept it and then you move on, because if you don't then you're going to get more of your men killed. I don't even want to think about how many men we've lost because the operation fell off-track.

All we need is someone, anyone, to start making some decisions here. Morgan Kell has done what he could, but even he seems reluctant to make anything resembling a tough call. That's a damn shame, too.

I just don't know how much longer we can wait. Pretty soon, the Katists will come knocking. I just hope we're ready when they do come.

- Leftenant General Absalom Dirksen, Twenty-third Arcturan Guards, personal journals, 30 July 3065


The Skye Jaegers masquerade of pro-Katherine sentiment was stripped away on 22 July when the Loyalist Eleventh Lyran Regulars, nicknamed The Hammers and based on nearby Alphecca, arrived at Skye with orders from General Nondi Steiner to determine the Jaegers' allegiance and, if necessary, take steps to regain control of the Skye Legislature. General Dundee allowed the Eleventh to land on Skye unmolested, then—as the Regulars were disembarking—proceeded to jam their communications and struck at their flanks in concert with Skye's planetary militia.

The Free Skye force drove the Loyalist regiment out of New Glasgow and into the Macintosh Valley, harrying them to the edge of the Bannockburn Bogs. Colonel Donner quickly called in his surviving DropShlps—two had been captured by Free Skye operatives in the spaceport attack—which made sub-orbital flights to extract the two surviving battalions of Hammers. The Loyalists withdrew to Alphecca where they reported back to General Steine. Donner had been canny enougft, however, to leave a number of his "irregular operations troops" behind on Skye, where they linked up with the local Lohengrin platoons and wrought havoc on the provisional Free Skye government for the next eighteen months.

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