Allied I Hoop Movements


already on the continent and moved to intercept their titular duke and his Allied units, but the 'Mechs and several armored cavalry battalions deployed quickly and stalled the Third Rangers thirty kilometers away from the Allied LZ.

Marshal Rand-Davion hit Brunswick with the First Lancers and the Heavy Guards, facing opposition in the form of two brigades of conventional infantry, plus a full armored brigade. The Loyalists had deployed no 'Mechs to the continent, though, making for a tough, but relatively short, campaign for Brunswick.

Field Marshal Ardan Sortek made landfall a week behind Sandoval with the Second Ceti Hussars and the Davion Light Guards, but his task force had not been quite as lucky as Sandoval's had. Sortek lost a full Hussars Combat Command, as well as several Light Guards DropShips, during the burn in. He dropped two hundred kilometers away from Sandoval on Rostock and immediately moved against the Third Rangers' left flank— along with the brigade of armor that Jackson Davion had also assigned to Rostock. Davion managed to insert several additional mechanized and armored regiments, plus a Level III from ComStar's 299th Division, into Rostock two days after Sortek landed, preventing the two Allied task forces from making a quick or easy link-up. They did link-up on the 10th of July, however, when Sortek pushed a battalion of the Light Guards into Gaveston's Gorge, which Sandoval's forces had been battling over with the Third Rangers for several days.

The Allied task forces under Sortek and Rand-Davion continued to battle against the Archon's forces, liberating most of Brunswick after just five weeks of fighting, and after pushing the remainder of the three defending brigades onto Rostock, the First Lancers delivered the coup de grace with Sortek's forces acting as the anvil to Rand Davion's hammer. That still left the Third Rangers and more than two brigades of conventional troops on the continent, however.

Victor arrived in-system on 8 November at the head of a virtual armada, including the FCS Melissa Davion and four Fox-class corvettes. Facing them were the Avalon-c\ass FCS Lucien Davion and FCS Alexander Davion, plus two more Loyalist Foxes. This WarShip battle, the largest one fought in the Inner Sphere since the First Succession War, lasted less than an hour in New Avalon orbit and ended in the destruction of three ships, the surrender of two Loyalist ships (including the Lucien Davion), and significant damage to ail of the participants, with one retreating (the Fox-class FCS Murmansk jumped out of the system from a pirate point and has not been seen since). Victor grounded that day on Brunswick with the Twenty-Third Arcturan Guards, Sixth Crucis Lancers, Tenth Lyran Guards, First NAIS Cadre, Outland Legion and a battalion of First St. Ives Lancers.

Jackson Davion transferred the Fifth Donegal and Seventeenth Avalon Hussars to Rostock, along with another mixed armored and mechanized brigade, reinforcing the Third Robinson for the inevitable Allied push, which came In mid-December once the Allies completely secured Brunswick. With Sandoval and Sortek still struggling against the heavy Loyalist forces on the continent, Victor marched in, hitting hard with the equivalent of five heavy brigades.

Sortek and Sandoval fought a mobile battle against the Loyalists, breaking contact with each other several times while Victor moved in and met the Fifth Donegal and Seventeenth Avalon Hussars. Some six weeks of heavy campaigning, made even more difficult by Archon Katherine's call for New Avalon's people to resist the Allies in any way they could, saw the liberation of Brunswick and the virtual destruction of the Fifth Donegal and another two conventional brigades. Unfortunately, the Allies lost the Twenty-Third Arcturan Guards and the Davion Light Guards in the process and allowed the Seventeenth Hussars to withdraw. The Third Rangers likewise pulled out once the Seventeenth made its exit. That left the campaign for Albion and Avalon City.

The combined Allied task force landed on the" southeast tip of the continent of Albion on 10 February 3067, with the Davion Assault Guards and the First Crucis Lancers making the initial landings, lead by Marshal Rand-Davion. Though they took heavy casualties, after two days of bitter fighting thp entrenched heavy armor and massive gun emplacements along the rugged shorelines near Portland, they won a secure beachhead for the rest of the task force. The two RCTs continued to fight inland as the Nineteenth Arcturan and Seventeenth Avalon Hussars rushed to meet them, along with several scattered conventional and militia combat commands. Before Victor could move any significant reinforcements in, however, the Tenth DLC made its own lightning strike against the Allied flank that broke the line of attack and allowed the Loyalists to surround and destroy more than a brigade in a single day of battle.

That attack broke both the Assault Guards and the First Lancers, though the survivors were reorganized as a brigade under Marshal Cooper and taken off the line while Victor pushed through, a day late. He continued to push into the heart of Albion, winning half of the continent and eliminating the DLC and Seventeenth Hussars in just seven weeks.

Katherine, already losing her grip over the world as workers staged strikes and other work stoppages as their own way of striking at the Archon, lost the services of her best military mind on the 28th of March. Jackson Davion stepped down as Marshal of the Armies, leaving a vacuum that no other individual could hope to fill. The Archon officially appointed Held Marshal Simon Gallagher to the position, though Held Marshal Werner Gast took effective command.

Less than a month later the Allied forces were entering Avalon City itself. ComStar's 244th Division had arrived several weeks earlier and were quickly integrated into the Allied force while the Third and Fifth Crucis Lancers arrived on the 19th of April, too late to take part in the final push. Victor pushed hard at the remaining Loyalists protecting Avalon City—the Nineteenth Arcturan Guards, the Remagen CMM and ComStar's 299th Division. The Hrst NAIS was decimated by a heavy 299th artillery barrage while three Davion Heavy Guards combat commands disintegrated under the weight of concentrated fire from the remains of three Loyalist RCTs.

Katherine's Twenty-Second Avalon Hussars retreated en masse into the city, while the Allies ripped into the flanks of the

299th Division and Nineteenth Arcturan, allowing only a few scattered companies and battalions reach the relative safety of the city. A bare three Loyalist combat commands held the city against three Allied brigades, plus two more RCTs held in reserve. Even the Archon knew she could not hold out against such odds, and issued her surrender on 20 April 3067 through Jackson Davion.

The long and bloody battle for New Avalon was finally over.

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