An Ting

Hauptmann General Kev Evans fell back to An Ting after losing Matsuida, landing on 2 December. Evans had expected to come back to a pacified world still held firmly by the predominantly conventional follow-on troops that Duke Sandoval had dispatched to the world. Instead, Evans found a world gripped by violence and chaos. The DCMS had pushed a few of its own conventional regiments ahead of the three 'Mech regiments he landed with on Matsuida.

The situation on An Ting was critical for the FedSuns general, but not hopeless. That is, until Tai-sa Davis Shotoku arrived at the head of the Ryuken-Go and the Twelfth Galedon Regulars.

Landing just three days after the Seventeenth Avalon Hussars, the two Combine regiments launched an initial assault on the Seventeenth before the RCT had the chance to settle on the world. The DCMS assault pushed Evans' troops away from Tule Mod and prevented them from linking up with the FedSuns troops within the city. The Twelfth Galedon then entered Tule Mod, intent on retaking the capital, while the Ryuken-Go continued to drive the Seventeenth Hussars ahead of them.

General Evans needed to halt the Ryuken's advance, or at the very least blunt their sharp edge. For that he relied on Leftenant General Gandalf Darklight, his RCT armored brigade commander. General Darklight launched an assault of his own on the evening of the Twelfth, leading four battalions of tanks and a mcchanizcd infantry regiment in a sweeping attack against the Ryuken's southern flank, forcing them to turn sharply to meet the attack head-on. I he battle on the Dok Plain cost Darkllght's demi-

brigade heavily in men and materiel, but they did succeed in finally halting the Ryuken-Go.

General Evans attempted to turn his Seventeenth Hussars around and follow General Darklight's attack with one of his own, but those plans were cast aside when the Twelfth Galedon suddenly appeared at his own northern flank. Having run a course parallel to the Seventeenth Hussars with two battalions, the Galedon Regulars attacked as soon as they moved into position. As soon as the Regulars attacked, the Ryuken-Go again joined battle with the Seventeenth Hussars.

The two. forces remained locked in a desperate battle for almost three weeks, with both sides drawing in reinforcements from around the world. General Evans did not have a good starting position, however, a fact that decided the battle long before its combatants finally realized it. The Seventeenth Hussars were separated and driven back by the force of the relatively uncoordinated DCMS assault. Evans drove the bulk of his Hussars toward Kini-Mai, a relatively minor city but the only one within striking distance that could offer them any cover. General Darklight attempted to link up with Evans numerous times during the intervening weeks, but Tai-sa Shotoku very deftly kept the Ryuken between Darklight's armored brigade and the rest of the Hussars.

Even though his RCT had been divided by Shotoku's attacks, Evans remained determined to hold out, that is until he received word that additional Combine troops were en route to the world to once and for all wipe out his Hussars. Faced with almost certain annihilation, General Evans ordered his RCT to give up the world. General Darklight made one last attack on the 8th of January, one that spoiled an assault that Shotoku was about to make upon the bulk of the Hussars. In return, Evans' 'Mechs made their own attack upon the Ryuken and the Galedon Regulars, giving the rest of the Seventeenth Hussars the time they needed to load up their DropShips and lift off from the world.

Evans managed to rescue half a dozen conventional battalions from the world, while another regiment of mostly infantry left the world on their own DropShips. That left another two regiments of FedSuns troops trapped on the world, however. Able to focus all of his energies on dealing with the remaining scattered FedSuns units, Tai-sa Shotoku completed the reconquest of An Ting within just a few weeks of Evans' departure.

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