And Grief

Historians have tried to assess the cost of the Clan War for a decade and a half, and every time have fallen short. The final toll in dead will never be known. Certainly, the Lyran state lost far less than the Draconis Combine did in just the Turtle Bay massacre, yet the effects are still being felt today. The economies of dozens of worlds were crushed while both halves of the Federated Commonwealth were deprived of the revenues of dozens more captured by the Clans. Perhaps the most important loss the Federated Commonwealth felt was the death of Prince Hanse Davion, however.

Archon Melissa Steiner-Davion stepped up in her husband's place and assumed the role of sole leader of both realms (technically sitting as regent in the stead of her son Victor taking on the title of First Prince of the Federated Suns, though the legal matters of this office are desribed in the sidebar entitled Law and the Principality, beginning on page 8). So beloved was she by people in both halves of the super-state that not even the most hard-line conservatives within the Federated Suns dared oppose her publicly. Archon Melissa managed almost single handedly to put behind most of the animosities and difficulties felt by the people of both nations, rallying them to rebuild the Federated Commonwealth's economic and military strength.

The Federated Commonwealth was well on its way to a new renaissance when tragedy struck again. On 19 June 3055, Melissa Steiner-Davion died on Tharkad in an assassin's blast. In one fell swoop, the Federated Commonwealth simultaneous-

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