Major General Mai Fortuna and her task force were not faring well against the Forty-sixth Dieron Regulars. When the monsoon rains ended, she found her unit surrounded by rabidly fanatical Combine troops. With her only choices to fight or flee the world, she chose to fight. Grouping her surviving 'Mech battalions into a point and forming her supporting regiments up to either side, She hit the Regulars' strongest line of defense, hoping that would be the one location that Sho-sho Carl Ikedi had placed potential reinforcements the fur thest away. Though the Regulars put up a strong defense, they could not hope to hold out against the massed fire of Fortuna's BattleMechs. The Robinson Rangers broke out of their prison in the Heshial Cont and very rapidly wheeled about to press the attack back on the Forty sixth Regulars.

General Fortuna continued to harass the defending DCMS forces, but the Forty-sixth Regulars knew the terrain better and used it to their best advantage, escaping from assault after assault while at the same time making their own sneak attacks upon the Rangers. Three more weeks of fighting convinced Fortuna that she would be better served in choosing a different battlefield.

In the late evening hours of 14 April her DropShips lifted off, eventually dropping the massed Robinson Rangers compliment in and around Touren-Ke. DMI analysis had pegged that city as a center for rabidly anti establishment movements. At the same time, fifty kilometers outside of the city was a munitions plant that could solve her problem of rapidly dwindling consumables. ,

What her intelligence failed to realize was that the city was also home to an extremely large and powerful yakuza organization. The Rangers and their supporting units landed in the city with little opposition and likewise took the munitions plant with little difficulty. Fortuna loosed her infantry and special forces into the city to eliminate any potential militia and police opposition and to make contact with the underground movement within the city.

Unfortunately, by eliminating the city's police force, she removed the only factor that was tempering the yakuza, who saw Fortuna and her Rangers as just another obstacle to overcome in their bid for control over the world. While Shosho Ikedi repositioned his own units to surround Touren-Ke, Fortuna's soldiers came under a very different kind of attack.

Fortuna's Rangers endured five weeks of urban crime and guerilla warfare before she could no longer maintain complete control over her soldiers. During that time, 'Mechs and vehicles would be mysteriously sabotaged, bombs and sniper attacks killed and wounded hundreds, drug use within the regiment skyrocketed and individuals would just suddenly disappear off of the street, only to turn up days or weeks later horribly mutilated. When the regimental chaplain fell victim to one of these latter attacks, the unit exploded into action, slowly at first, but losing almost complete control within a week's time. Infantry and armored troopers began by stopping and searching suspected criminals, which very rapidly became anyone they encountered. Eventually they were forced to fire warning shots to halt suspects, and when they encountered return fire, they dropped all pretenses of civility. On the 24th of May the Rangers began to level entire buildings, while three days later they just began to lay waste to everything in their path,

Sho sho Ikedi had been reluctant to enter the city before that time, but pushed the entirety of his Forty-sixth Regulars into Touren-Ke when it was obvious that Fortuna's troops would not stop until the entire city was leveled. For their part, the yakuza in the city saw this as an opportunity to potential ly rid themselves of two enemies. For the most part content to let the two sides bash each other into oblivion, they did lure a full combined-arms combat command of Ikedi's to the munitions plant, which was guarded by the cadets of the Robinson Battle Academy Cadre. Once the two forces opened fire on each other, the yakuza set off charges in each deeply buried bunker, laying waste to the entire region in more than two dozen massive detonations that registered in the kiloton range and shook the city's foundations. Less than fifty men walked out of that valley, none of them Robinson cadets.

The two sides were absolutely shocked at the other, thinking the other had set off the blast, and redoubled their efforts to destroy each other. On the 5th of June, however, Sho-sho Ikedi finally received reinforcements in the form of the Twelfth Dieron Regulars. Once they showed up, the Rangers' days were numbered. Not only were the Twelfth Regulars fresh troops, but they also served to temper the Forty sixth Regulars' almost suicidal frenzy.

General For tuna continued the tight for another week, but she eventually realized that she could not hope to carry the day. On the 13th of June she loaded the remains of her First Robinson Rangers into their DropShips and hoosted off. Unfortunately, she could not successfully detach several mixed battalions from combat and was forced to leave them—some six hundred men—behind. Even worse, she lost a half-loaded Triumph-class DropShip on lift-off and a Union in the burn out of system. Having already heard that the fighting on Proserpina was exceedingly heavy and judged that her Rangers stood little chance surviving a tangle with the world's naval blockade, Major General Mai Fortuna instead set a course through several uninhabited star systems for Mallory's World.

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