Assumptions And Terminology

Before we delve into the history of the Civil War. we must first set the standards that we will use throughout this work. The Civil War was as much about emotion as it was about the underlying problems of the Federated Commonwealth Alliance. Without lending too much credence to one viewpoint or dismissing another, we have choscn to employ a set of standards when referring to the nations and major players that took part in the Civil War.

For the purposes of this document, when we speak of the Federated Commonwealth or the Armed Forces of the Federated Commonwealth (AFFC), we are referring to the state as it existed prior to the secession of the Lyran state In 3057. Therefore, when we speak of the Lyran Alliance, the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces (LAAF), the Federated Suns and the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns (AFFS), we are referring to those nations and militaries as they existed following the Lyran secession. While we recognize that the Federated Suns State was still officially known as the Federated Commonwealth, and that the Federated Commonwealth did not cease to exist until the end of the Civil War, we chose to use this naming convention for the benefit of our readers. To do anything else would likely cause more confusion than necessary.

Likewise, we chose to employ a similar convention in referring to Victor Steiner-Davion and Katherine (Katrina) Steiner-Davion. Quite frankly, people throughout the former Federated Commonwealth could call Victor Steiner-Davion by any one of a number of titles: Archon-Prince, First Prince, Commanding General, Precentor Martial, and Supreme Marshal are just a few. As he willingly gave up claim to the throne of both the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance, and during the course of the Civil War stepped down from his positions within ComStar and the Star Leage Defense Force (SLDF-), we have chosen to simply refer to him by name (and when no surname is given, readers should assume that the name 'Victor' is In reference to Victor Steiner-Davion). When a title is used, it will be used only in conjunction to past events.

Perhaps more controversial will be our treatment of Katherine Steiner-Davion. While we recognize that she took on the name of Katrina, in memory of her maternal grandmother, we must also recognize the debate that has taken place over the years because of her assumption of that name, especially in light of her involvement in so many crimes. While some may brand us biased and will try to debunk us as mere puppets of the Davion establishment, we will use her given name, Katherine, when referring to her. Likewise, while she was legally confirmed as Archon of the Lyran Alliance by the Common-wealth Council and the Estates General, she could not legally assume the position of First Prince of the Federated Suns. Therefore we will refer to her only as Archon Katherine, even while she sat on the throne on New Avalon (technically as Regent).

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