Broker Arrows Mid Fuller Rhgels

The most disturbing find of this investigation has to be that we still have six weapons unaccounted for.

Leftenant Colonel Michael Krein, DMI, lead the recovery teams at both the Cranitz Flats crash sites, where he supervised the recovery of five weapons, and the Schon Airbase, where seventeen more were recovered. He later verified that a Twentieth Avalon Hussars engineer unit recovered six more weapons from a supply caravan that had been en route from the Schon Airbase to Firebase Whiskey-21. -

Investigators working" under Krein have Interviewed every subject involved In the recovery or handling of the weapons, using both standard methods and additional means. [Editor's Noteā€”of 183 AFFS officers and enlisted that were interviewed, only'three reacted adversely to the touch delivery system, well below the 10% mean for conventional delivery.] Additionally, investigators also interviewed 348 more former members ol the Fifth F-C, including 33 with special means [adverse reactions were observed in 4% of the subjects]. These interviews resulted In no additional positive findings.

Following the conclusion of hostilities on the world, special investigation teams quarantined the recovery sites on both Marlette and Axton and conducted extensive searches of the Fifth F-C operations areas. Their searches recovered no additional leads to the weapons' whereabouts.

What is known for sure is that fifty weapons, with triggers and multi-capable arming devices, were removed from Hot Plate 2812-25CAA. Fourteen were detonated on Axton. On Marlette, one was detonated, one was delivered but tailed to function and was later recovered, five were recovered intact from crashed delivery aircraft and defused, and 23 were recovered in transport/storage state. That leaves six unaccounted lor.

While It is still possible that some or all of those weapons were lost in an aircraft incident, there is no evidence to support that hypothesis. It is therefore the conclusion of this team that Leftenant General Annette Leyland is still in possession of these weapons. As her whereabouts is currently unknown, it is the recommendation of this team that all resources possible be expended to track her movements and pinpoint her location.

- Excerpt from classified DMI report 66225CRM-115, dated 13 January 3066


...been here for months now, and all it seems like is that we're burying more and more of our friends. Marshal Cooper and General Sanchez keep telling us how important Tikonov is to the war effort and that once it's all over we'll see that we did good among all this horror. I think that's a load...

I watched Terri die yesterday. And it wasn't in a battle with the DLC or anyone else fighting against Prince Victor. No, it was some damn guerilla tighter with a bomb strapped to his chest who ran up to our checkpoint and blew himself and Terri to bits, along with ten other soldiers. I was fifty tcct away and saw the whole goddamn thing! Everyone knew what was happening, but no one could react. Terri looked over at me lust before It happened. I saw the tear in her eyes, How can I ever forget?

Some of the indigs came out to watch our people die. A few took potshots at the rest of us. They shouldn't have. We killed them. We killed them all. They kill us so we kill them back. They don't want us here and we sure as hell don't want to be here either. But those ungrateful sonsabitches can't go around killing us. They don't have the right.

I know you and dad believe in Prince Victor and the honor of serving the Federated Suns. But right now I don't. I really don't care about Victor or Katrina or your friends in the High Command. What have they done other than get my friends killed? To hell with them. All I want to do is survive this goddamn war and go the hell home.

These indigs don't want any of us here. So why the hell are we fighting to "free" them from Katrina? Screw 'em. I'm not the only one in the regiment who's ready to call down an orbital bombardment and wipe this world clean...

- Cadet Major Jonah Zardetto, First NAIS Cadre, 2 April 3066, in a letter to his parents

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