Noble Ruler: Duke Elrod Baracus Green Star Type (Recharge Time): T9II (180 hours) Position In System: Gth Time to Jump Point: 11.19 days Number of Satellites: 1 (Brom's Reflection) Surface Gravity: 1,0

Atmosphere Pressure; Standard (Breathable) Surface Water Coverage: 10 percent Equatorial Temperature: 40" C (Arid-Desert) Highest Native Life: Avian Recharging Station: Zenith HPG Class Type: B Population Size: 285,750,000 Socio-lndustrlal Levels: B-C-C-C-B

A nondescript world with very little to offer except a strategic position. Bromhead was captured early in the Succession Wars. Its strategic value and Importance was never lost on the AFFS High Command—becaue of its position along the Capellán border they have kept the world garrisoned with a significant offer! sive and defensive force.

This arid world has two continents, one located In the northern and one in the southern hemisphere, covering more than half the planet. Zanzabar, the northernmost continent, has the more temperate of climates and is home to the majority of the world's population. Brom's Home, located on Zanzibar, is the capital of the planet, serving as the center for all commerce on the planet.

The southern Salazaar is a vast wasteland of desert divided by a large mountain range. The Salaam-Zurkan range is so high that few have ever attempted to climb it, with many peaks higher then the famed Mt. Everest on Terra. Salazaar has become a major desert and mountain environmental combat training ground for the AFFS. 4 f

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