Though the world of Bryceland was high on Field Marshal Sortek's initial list of targets, circumstances apparently beyond the control of almost anyone, along with Murphy and his Laws, interfered with those plans. Marshal Vance Lamont was scheduled to lead his First Ceti Hussars in an assault that would bring that world, including its PDZ headquarters, under the influence of the Allied forces in April, but maintenance problems on several of his JumpShips lead to a rescheduling of the operation. Then, when they were ready in May, problems began to creep up within the unit's 'Mech and armored units, soon overshadowed by more pressing supply problems—namely that a year of unreported incomplete shipments resulted in a severe shortage of replacement parts. Marshal Lamont and his staff spent the better part of three months reviewing every record and investigating every officer, eventually turning up more than thirty mid-level Loyalist officers who were actively working to prevent the First Ceti Hussars from entering the war through sabotage and falsification of records.

Marshal Lament's Investigation solved the long string of problems that had been creeping up within the RCT, but the First Ceti Hussars still had almost a quarter of their mechanized and BattleMech vehicles down for repairs following the Loyalists' last-ditch efforts to disable the unit, and the Hussars did not have the supplies necessary to make repairs.

The Hussars did not bow to the Loyalist sabotage, though. Having learned that the Archon had ordered the Third Lyran Regulars to Woodbine, Marshal Lamont mobilized his RCT and hit the Regulars' nearly-undefended base on Pitkin, raiding their warehouses for the supplies they needed. They then made their way to Tancredi IV, where they hit the Rrst Conroe Training Battalion. Marshal Lamont also made contact with Leftenant General Margeurltc McCaffee on Kesai IV, who agreed to rendezvous in the Bryceland system and add her Third Davion Guards to the assault force.

On 4 October, Lamont dropped the majority of his forces in and around the Outland Beta Military Complex, the massive command center and logistics depot on the continent of Raeder, located deep in the Agave desert. Lamont split his forces into three sub-commands, concentrating the majority of his own troops on taking the logistics center while the Third Davion Guards dropped on top of the PDZ command center. A third, smaller detachment made up primarily of special forces troops made secret landings in the Bald Mountains and proceeded into the Emigrant Valley, where the AFFS had set up a secret test facility decades earlier.

Lamont made several outstanding gains in the first few days of the battle, taking the entire test facility with only two hundred total casualties on both sides and quickly grabbing up much of the logistics center, ensuring he could quickly bring his RCT up to full strength. The Third Guards dropped on the regional HQ. and initially met little resistance.

The Bryceland DMM hit the Third Guards full-force on the 7th of October, having spent the better part of a week secretly massing in the Topah Mountains. With the bulk of the First Hussars some hundred kilometers away, the Third tried to hold out, but was outnumbered and pushed back into a series of small mountain ranges and valleys. From the command center, the DMM continued to push hard, but soon felt the full fury of the Guards' and Hussars' fighter wings and artillery battalions. Two weeks of heavy fighting pushed the DMM out of the ruined command center and back into the Topah Mountains. Marshal Lamont kept the pressure on the DMM. allowing the Third Guards to try a flanking assault. That operation was only par tially successful, though. Ultimately the DMM gave up Raeder and boosted away in the DropShips they had hidden in underground launch facilities elsewhere in the desert complex, returning to the continent of Fantos Island and the capital city of Harland's Port.

With the DMM nestled in the heart of Bryceland's civilization and breadbasket, Lamont had to reconsider his strategy. Though used to a more aggressive approach, he placed an aerospace blanket over the continent and began the long exer cise by taking three port cities. He refused to bring a massive war to the continent, which had just recovered from a series of pirate attacks in the late 3050s, and instead used his infantry and special forces troops extensively. From November through the end of the wave, Lamont slowly closed in on the DMM, intent on dislodging the Loyalists from Bryceland.

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