Campaign Concepts

Obviously, military campaigns predominate in the Civil War but there are a wide variety of sub-types and variations. The following are the key types, though are far from the only options:

Military Unit: Campaigns centered on military units offer the greatest scope for integration with BattleTech, AeroTech and BattleForce. The scope for roleplaying will vary considerably depending on the nature of the game: MechWarrior may be used to add additional depth to the pilots and crews used in various battles, or it can be used to roleplay the down-time between engagements. Player characters may he little more than grunts in the unit, or they may be Involved at various levels of command. Both offer numerous opportunities, the former allowing characters to focus on combat, and the latter placing them more centrally in matters of planning and administration. The chain of command- official and unofficial is often central to such campaigns, orders from on high per haps conflicting with the concerns of the unit or the soldiers. How they deal with such conflicts will say much about the characters.

Irregular Operations: Not all battles in the Civil War took place on the open battlefield. Special-forces units were a mainstay of several campaigns, undertaking sabotage, head-hunter and intelligence gathering missions. The latter forms its own campaign type and is detailed below, but the others offer a host of opportunities for both combat and non-combat roleplaying. Characters involved in "irregular ops" are most likely to be special-forces units, but many others—notably civilians with a military or para-military background—exploited their skills to wage a guerrilla conflict against opposing forces variously labeled invaders or occupiers. Players may also be on the flip-side of such conflicts, taking the role of line-troops or police tasked with eliminating saboteurs and assassins in their midst. Such campaigns offer a great opportunity for non-FedCom characters to get involved in the war—many of the surrounding states and power groups sent agents into the Federated Commonwealth during the conflict, seeking to support one group or another, or to further their own ends. Liao agents might be involved in the Tlkonov reaches, supporting Zhanzheng de Guang cells, while Word of Blake operatives on the Periphery rim might seek to recruit others to their cause.

Intelligence gathering: Knowing what your enemy is doing— or plans to do—is a central tenet of modern warfare and players can become involved in such operations in a variety of ways. They may be a special forces team, inserted onto a planet in advance of an invasion to gather up to date information on defenses and troop numbers. Another possibility is the role of professional spies, perhaps deep-agents in the military, political or economic infrastructure of one faction who is secretly channeling information to another group. Such characters are faced with numerous challenges, principally getting the information their masters) desire and escaping detection. The counter-espionage role also affords a host of opportunities, uncovering hostile agents and either unmasking them or using them to channel disinformation to the enemy. Once again, espionage missions offer many opportunities for non-FedCom characters.

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