Cavanaugh Ii

The conflict between forces loyal to Richard Steiner and those supporting Victor (or at least not siding with Katherine) reached new heights in early 3066 when long-term allies, the Tenth Lyran Regulars and the 182nd Com Guard Division linked up at the town of Tintagel and immediately began plotting to take the war back to the Loyalist forces who had ejected them from Caerleon.

The two Com Guard Level III units, each equivalent to a combined arms battalion, became the allies' principal mobile force, goading the Seventh Regulars into a series of ill-considered attacks against the fortifications and installations commanded by the Tenth. Attempts to draw the Bolan Jaegers into similar traps met with little success, the cautious and thoughtful nature of the Jaeger command allowing them to see through the deception. Raids and counter-raids dominated the winter months, but as May came round the Loyalists began planning for a major onslaught against the Allied positions.

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