The Civil War provides opportunities for almost every character concept and faction, with an almost infinite number of permutations. The following are the key groups, albeit a far from exhaustive listing.

Soldiers: Playing military forces attached to one of the numerous factions in the Civil War is the most obvious character concept—the game is BattleTech after all—but encompasses a wide variety of character types. A soldier may be a fanatic, espousing the cause of Katherine Steiner-Davion, Victor, or even one of the independent lords involved in the conflict. Alternatively, they may simply be "doing their job," perhaps struggling to reconcile duty against other loyalties.

Politicians: The battlefield Is not the only theater of conflict in the FedCom Civil War. Politics, be it national, regional or planetary, play a major role. Taking the role of political figures at various levels may provide characters with a deeper insight into the whys and wherefores of the conflict, together with an appreciation of the temptations and rewards of such roles. Such campaigns are not necessarily divorced from military campaigns; von Clausewitz did after all write that "Warfare is the continuance of politics by other means."

Everyman: Politicians orchestrate wars, and soldiers fight them, but it is the civilians who suffer. Players may opt to take on the role of such individuals—for example, farmers, merchants or office workers—who are forced to adapt to life in the civil war. Perhaps they struggle to stay aloof from the fighting, or perhaps they take sides, joining a citizen militia or even the regular army. Do they remain true to their friends and colleagues, or do they turn on those belonging to the "wrong side", ostracizing them—or worse.

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