Civil War Deployment Tables

The following table list the movements that each unit involved in the Federated Commonwealth Civil War made, where they fought and whal its status was at the end of the battle. Some units have multiple world names per wave; if these names are placed on a different lino or are separated by a slash ("/"), that Indicates the unit traveled to all of those worlds within that wave. Some units deployed sub-commands to various worlds which are indicated as follows: (x Btn) is that many battalions, (x Rgt) is that many regiments, (x CC) is that many combat commands and (x Bde) is that many brigades.

Battle damage is indicated in [brackets]. [L] is light damage and indicates losses up to ten percent of the unit's combat strength. [MJ is moderate losses, up to twenty-five percent combat strength; [H] is heavy casualties, up to fifty percent combat strength; [S] is serious casualties, up to sixty percent combat strength; [D] means the unit has effectively lost its ability to function as a combat unit, having sustained damage taking it down to less than forty percent combat strength. Units that were destroyed in battle were commonly absorbed into the ranks of anther unit or combined with the remnants of others to form a new subcommand (combat command to brigade strength or better).

Other indicators on this table are <W> which moans the unit eliminated opposition on the world, <S> which means the unit surrendered to its opposition, -R-- which means the unit retreated from the wodd and indicates the unit made a strategic movement to thai world.

World names listed in normal font are those within the Federated Suns; worlds In italic are within the Lyran Alliance; those In bold are within the Draconls Combine.

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