Clan Wolf Attack

By the beginning of wave nine, Khan Vladimir Ward had gathered enough intelligence to launch his own campaign into the Jade Falcon OZ. Hoping to win several worlds for his Clan simply as a status symbol, he bit off more than he or his Clan could chew. Shortly after his troops landed on Falcon worlds in the first days of 3065, Khan Marthe released her Galaxy Commanders to make their own punitive raids into the Wolf Clan OZ. Eventually the two Clans traded a total of seven worlds, with the Falcons winning the competition by taking four Wolf worlds and successfully throwing Khan Ward's warriors oft of two more of their own worlds.

It is beyond the scope of this work to describe these battles in depth, but for the sake of better illustrating the pressures on the Falcon Touman, the following,is a brief description of the outcomes of these battles.

In wave nine, Khan Ward sent his Wolves across the border to hit the worlds of Colmar, La Grave and Quarell, winning both Colmar and Quarell outright and continuing the fight on La Grave into the next wave. In wave ten, the Wolves hit the worlds of Steelton and Zoetermeer, winning both, but at the same time was ejected from La Grave: the Falcons retaliated in that same wave with an assault that took the Wolf world of Domain. In wave ten, the Wolves took their final world, Seiduls; the Falcons continued to burrow deep into the Wolf OZ by taking Bessarabia, Biota and Cusset, and additionally recaptured Colmar.

The inter-Clan warring ended in late June when both Khans realized they could not afford to keep the tempo of operations up without further opening each other up to other enemies, including the Star Adders, Hell's Horses, the Diamond Sharks, or even the Snow Ravens, all of which had units either in the Periphery or actually operating within the Clan OZs at that time.

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