Command Chits

The battlefields of the Civil War were unpredictable places and the following new commands are intended to reflect this. New Command lists are provided for Pro-Katherine, Pro-Victor, Free-Skye and Neutral FedCom units, used irrespective of their Davion or Steiner allegiance. Other powers involved in the war— such as House Kurlta or the Jade Falcons- use their standard command lists.

Command Disruption (Negative)

Sabotage of the communications net, enemy jamming and all-round confusion can play a major roll in hampering a unit's combat effectiveness. When this chit is drawn, the player places it in front of him and may draw or play no other chits that turn. At the start of each game turn, the player affected by Command Disruption rolls ld6. On a result of 6, the chit is discarded for the rest of the game, otherwise its effects remain in force.


Using this chit, an element belonging to the enemy changes allegiance and joins the player's force. This chit must be played on an element within 10-hexes of a friendly unit and cannot be played on enemy command elements. Defector is discarded after use.

Jury-Rig (negative)

Jury-rigged repairs were commonplace in the civil war and had a nasty tendency to fail at the worst possible moment. When this chit is drawn, the player must select one of his elements. That element suffers a point of damage which may cause critical damage or destroy the element (determine using the normal rules).

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