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Matters within the former Federated Commonwealth were coming to a head as the year 3062 grew to a close. Earlier in the year, the Archon made the fateful decision to garrison worlds showing a markedly anti-Katherine bent with troops fanatically loyal to her. Kentares IV is certainly the most well-known of these, but she did just the same on Benet III, Benedict and even the nearby Argyle. Elsewhere, she made troop movements that shifted units claiming loyalty to her brother away from key worlds. The decision to move the Davion Heavy Guards from New Avalon to Galax (stripping the unit's JumpShips from it after the transfer) was likely made for that very reason

(though in retrospect posting such an elite pro-Victor unit to the home of the FedSuns' primary shipyards and producer of aerospace fighters was a decision that should have been thought through more thoroughly).

Yet after all of the troop movements, all of the propaganda that her bureaucrats spewed forth, the people of the Federated Suns were still on the verge of rebellion. Protests and riots erupted on dozens of worlds, calling for the removal of Kathcrine Steiner-Davion and her puppet government. Within the Lyran Alliance, the Skye region was just as ready to rebel against her rule. The Estates General, after witnessing years of Katherine's neglect of the Alliance, issued a proclamation of grievance that all but accused her of official misconduct. Angered by such blatant displays of disrespect, she ordered her most loyal officers and bureaucrats to put down those displays at all costs. Police and military forces did just that on dozens of worlds across both nations. It will never be known just how many people died in these sometimes-brutal displays of force. Always friendly to the Archon, even members of the media suffered from her heavy hand; many found themselves locked in a gulag ne'er to be seen again while almost as many found themselves on the wrong end of a pistol or rifle.

Rather than quell the growing discontent, Katherine's actions served only to fuel the flames. By the end of October 3062, huge public demonstrations against the Archon had taken place on every major world in both nations. Even on Tharkad and New Avalon tens of thousands had taken to the streets of the capital cities in protest against the young ruler. For his part, Victor Steiner-Davion attempted to stay out of the fray. Reports reached him almost daily about some new outbreak of violence and his sister's attempts to suppress the growing rebellion, forcing him to issue a number of statements as Precentor Martial and Commanding General of the SLDF condemning Katherine's heavy handed peace-keeping methods.

Then the fighting broke out on Kathil, followed closely by Kentares IV and then Nanking. It took the assassination of Arthur Steiner-Davion on Robinson to finally prompt the deposed ruler Into action. From his temporary command center on Mogyorod, Victor Steiner-Davion shed his ComStar and Star League dress for the traditional uniform of the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns and, in a broadcast transmitted from one end of the former Federated Commonwealth to the other, called for the men and women of both nations to take up arms against his sister.

Then all hell broke loose.

fEdltor'9 Note: While the individual world entries in the rest of this book are bro ken down alphabetically, we have presented the entries here in the order in which the fighting on each world "flashed."]

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