Forces loyal to Prince Victor landed on Coventry on October 17, their arrival in-system and subsequent transit to the world uncontested. Victor's forces, though small compared to those he would lead later in the campaign, were more than a match for the Coventry Jaegers, who had already fought two campaigns. The Prince called on Jason Walker to surrender—the reply received was succinct: "Go to hell."

Victor's forces had total domination of the skies and used their aerospace units for both reconnaissance and ground-strike missions. His ground forces—the Outland Legion, Thirty-ninth Avalon Hussars and the 244th Com Guard Division (The Prince's Men)—pinned the Jaegers against the sea. Victor himself fought alongside his troops, but despite their predicament and the futility of their cause, the Jaegers refused to surrender. A communiqué from the Archon convinced the Jaegers that to do so would be tantamount to suicide; Katherine claimed that her brother had ordered their execution for the destruction of the Coventry Militia. Instead, the Allied cordon was forced to endure a succession of assaults by the beleaguered Jaegers, attacks that denuded the forces on both sides. By the time the battle ended on 12 December 3063, only 14 Jaeger warriors remained alive, eight of those in critical condition. Colonel Walker was not among the survivors; he fell leading an assault against the Avalon Hussars.

Coventry was the first real test of Victor's coalition, and though victorious, the troops loyal to his sister proved more tenacious than anticipated. Doubt crept into the mind of a few officers—with more "victories" like Coventry the campaign would be doomed. Nonetheless, the fear of leaving Katherine in command of the two nations far outweighed the risks.

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