Flash: 25 December 3062

The Industrial world of Coventry, located deep in the Alliance, remained largely untouched by the Succession Wars. In 3058, however, the world became the focus of a Jade Falcon offensive intended more to season new warriors than to seize territory. An alliance of the great houses, lead by Victor Steiner-Davion, drove off the invaders—and paved the way for the offensive against Clan Smoke Jaguar—but left much of the planet's infrastructure in ruins. Rebuilding of the planet continued apace in the late '50s and early 60's, and the main planetary defenders, the Coventry CPM, were brought back up to strength. Furthermore, the newly formed Coventry Jaegers


As I sit here, I can only think of the tragedies the Fourth Davion Guards are now enduring on Ft. Loudon. And all because of the fact that their commanding officer doesn't think that Katrina Steiner is fit to rule the Lyran Alliance? Alberta Orsina may not have been right to publicly criticize the Archon, but, my God! I saw copies of the orders issued to General Ito. Nondi Steiner wanted the Fifth Alliance Guards to destroy Orsina's command. Those men and women were loyal to the Lyran Alliance. Many of them were even born here in the Alliance. All of them swore an oath to protect the people of the Alliance, and all of them were ready to die at the orders of the Archon if it meant saving even one civilian life.

But to die because of a political statement? I'm glad Orsina is a better general than Ito. I've met that sonuvabitch twice in my career, and he seemed like he had a good head

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on his shoulders. Damn! Looks can be deceiving. To follow those orders, Ito's got to be the biggest sonuvabitch in the universe.

I've spent my entire career believing that the military serves at the pleasure of the Archon. I know in my heart that it is wrong to rise up against her. But I also know in the deepest fibers of my being that I must do everything in my power to protect these young boys and girls who serve under me from certain death— a death I have no doubt whatsoever that Seth Alpert would gladly deliver. That man scares the hell out of me. If the rumors are right, he's been doling out death and suffering for over three decades...

They say that there comes a time in each commander's career that he has to make one tough call. I'd hoped to hell that mine was on Skondia. Goddammit!

It's clear to me now that Katrina Steiner does not have the best interests of her people at heart. While it is a soldier's responsibility to follow the orders of his leader, that soldier must above all act responsibly for the good of the people. I don't give a good goddamn about Victor Davion or his entire family. All I care about is the Lyran Alliance. We shall protect her from the evil that has gripped her.

- Leutnant-General Quitman Brown, 15 December 3062, personal journals

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