Noble Ruler: Duke Morten Edward Solberg Star Type (Recharge Time): F8II (179 hours) Position in System: 4th Time to Jump Point: 12.01 days Number of Satellites: L (Osseous) Surface Gravity: 1,0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 45° C (Mild-Temperate) Surface Water Coverage: bO percent Highest Native Life: Mammals Recharging Station: Zenith HPG Class Type: A Population: 1,185,650,000 Snciu-lndustrial Levels: A D A A D

Crimond was discovered by accident when the JumpShip Gak's Revcrigu rnisjumped into the system centuries ago. Immediately dispatching a DropShlp, the captain ordered the system explored. The expedition found the planet to be rich with precious metals, stones, rare metals and vast petroleum deposits. The soil, on the other hand, was nitrogen poor, laced with minerals that would support few crops. The ship's owner, Johansson Solberg, submitted a claim for the planet, with colonization Crimond beginning shortly thereafter.

Crimond has three continents, of which two have been set tied and their resources exploited. On Metallerz, the largest continent, all the metal ore mines and petroleum fields are opera tional, including the gold mines at Vertorrous. Chromatisch is the home of one of the largest diamond mines in the Alliance. The planet's capital, Sol City, was founded on the southern coast.

The standard of living on Crimond rivals some of the province capitals, including Tharkad, although its population is highly dependant on Imports for food. The island continent of Condor is home to the former Star League base Fort Beaufort, which is still used today. Tort Beaufort was the home to the SLDF's Fifty-Fourth Mechanized Infantry Division, a unit that disappeared after the ArnariS War. Condor is a mountainous desert island that has never been settled by civilians. The AFFS has classified the island off-limits.

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