After the rough handling of the Third Royals, the Loyalist forces on Dalkeith withdrew back into their own fortifications, well aware that in their present state they had little hope of dislodging the Fourth Deneb Light Cavalry and Fourth Davion Guards from Newhaven. The two sides simply sniped at each other for the next two months, with raids and counter raids throughout February and March. Neither faction had the strength to crush the other, though time would ultimately play into the Loyalist's hands as they brought more and more of Dalkeith's sabotaged facilities back on line, and the Allied troops steadily denuded their supply stockpiles. Unfortunately for General James Ito, time was not his ally as General Nondi Steiner planned to scale-back the supplies the Loyalist forces received if there was no progress, diverting the resources to locations that would better serve the Archon's cause. Steiner was prepared to support one last effort to secure the world for the Archon. She made it clear, tiowever, that there would be no more chances.

On 11 April, the Loyalist forces made a feint toward Newhaven, committing almost their entire strength to efforts to breach the concentric rings of fortifications, gun emplacements and mines. After four days, Ito's troops had advanced 25 kilometers though two defensive zones, but had paid a horrendous price to do so.

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Their position was increasingly precarious, their flanks open to counterattack, and their resolve was wavering. A thrust by the Fourth Deneb on 17 April was the last straw and the Loyalist force broke and fled in disarray. The DLC pursued, harrying the demoralized troops and seeking to pick off straggling elements. The rout and pursuit continued for sixteen hours before Ito, sure the Light Cavalry were committed, played his ace.

Having finally swung to Katherine's cause at the end of 3065, the Twenty-sixth Lyran Guards was both skilled and fresh, released to General Ito's command from their base on Port Moresby. The RCT had been waiting in orbit for the signal to strike and, at the General's command, staged a daring assault from orbit. Using a technique known as an avalanche drop, an orbital insertion directly onto an enemy position, the Guard unit pounced directly onto the overextended Light Cavalry. The fighting was bloody and the Twenty-Sixth lost the equivalent of four companies from its 'Mech regiment, along with several battalions of infantry and armor that landed by more conventional means. The Light Cavalry was less fortunate, however. Ito reversed the Loyalists' fake rout and the DLC was crushed between the two forces. Less than a combined arms battalion escaped the assault, the remainder destroyed or forced to surrender. The survivors limped back to Newhaven where the Fourth Davion Guards were now terribly alone.

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