Noble Ruler: Duke Richard Wonson II Star Type (Recharge Time): K5V (196 hours) Position in System: 5th Time to Jump Point: 4.12 days

Number of Satellites: 4 (Dal-Ra, Dai-Rue, Dal-Tal, Dal Mar) Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Tainted) Equatorial Temperature: 30° C (Mild-Temperate) Surface Water Coverage: 70 percent Highest Native Life: Birds Recharging Station: None HPG Class Type: B Population: 300,968,000 Socio-lndustrlal Levels: B-B-C-B-D

A beautiful world during the height of the Star League, Dalkeith had been nearly turned into a nuclear wasteland by the time the Ares Conventions were signed. Of Dalkeith's three continents, only Dunnbar is remotely habitable. Dunnbar is a large landmass that only barely supports the current population. In 2Mb, Dalkeith boosted a population over two billion; three centuries later it barely reaches three hundred million. The atmosphere is tainted with high levels of carbon dioxide and micro dust, requiring the use Of filtered breathing devices.

During the First succession war, House Kurita attacked Dalkeith's main continent of RoCkmelr with over a dozen 100-megaton nuclear weapons, blanketing the continent and destroying the Star League CaStle Brian, the planet's capital Of Nowhaven and nearly the entire population. I he continent of Devarick was poisoned by more nuclear weapons and chemical attacks against the defending Lyran forces. Dalkeith would have been abandoned entirely had it not been for the planet's rich resources in radioactive metals and iron-ores that lay beneath Dunnbar's Alveria mountain range.

With its close proximity to the Combine border, Dalkeith has been used to stage raids against both the Praconis Combine and later the Clans. Though life looks extremely hard to an outsider, the natives have adapted to their surroundings. Native

Dalkeithians have a natural resistance to the effects of some types of radiation.

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