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Col. al-Nahib: Brubaker and Bandit groups [Beta and Gamma regiments], this is Brubaker Six: Danube. I say again, Danube [disengage]. Converge on grid... four-seven by eight-two. Gen. Richardson: Brubaker Six, this is Remora Six. Are you insane? Belay that order! Col. al-Nahib: Negative, Remora Six. I've got thirty 'Mcchs on the ground here and what's left of my command is scattered to Hell and back. We're pulling out! Gen. Richardson: Goddammit, we've got them here! They won't last'another hourl Col. al-Nahib: Bandit group won't last another five minutes! I'm pulling tham out now! Gen. Richardson: You do what I say when I... Shit! Blade Six-two, push them against that Union. Tornado flight, I've got a tally on six... negative, eight, I say again, eight mike-tangos emerging from the northwest Triumph. You have about sixty seconds. Give me a full spread.

Tornado 15: Roger, Brubaker Six, Tornado One-Five has them.

Col. al-Nahib: General, the only thing... Gen. Richardson: Wait! Daedalus, target: five-five, four-niner. Say again, five-five, four-niner. Daedalus: ranging shot. Daedalus: Daedalus rogers. Gen. Richardson: Brubaker Six, we can end this now, dammit! We've got them by the sack! We can cack them before they can even form up!

Col. Desantis: While my boys die? For what?! Your Fang Group will be on the ground in minutes. We can come back and finish this off at our leisure.

Gen. Richardson: We can finish it off now, dammit! We can finish it if you just have a little goddamn faith\

Col. Desantis: Shove a rod, Remora Six! My men are dying! Brubaker and Bandit groups, you heard Brubaker Six. Danube! Gen. Richardson: Daedalus, Remora Six: down one, left point seven. Down one, left point seven. <unintelligible transmission:» Daedalus: Remora Six, Daedalus. Say again, over.

Gen. Richardson: Bandit Six, Brubaker Six. this is Remora Six. You realize that you may have to sacrifice the lives you save today In battle tomorrow. And then some. Col. al-Nahib: Not if we can help It!

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Gen. Richardson: Daedalus, this is Remora Hussars' fighters to keep tabs on the Lexington Combat Group's DropShips, none of his Six. <Pause> Dammit! <Pause> Walking fire, assets detected the Hammers' movements. Consequently, when the Hammers attacked two-two-zero by two-zero. Walking fire, two- early in the morning of the 26th, they caught Leftenant General Ayse Crosby and his two two-zero by two-zero. Time on target. combat commands by surprise within their Whiteville base. Minutes into the attack, the Tornado flight, give us some damn cover! Lexington DropShips veered off their intended course and dropped their 'Mechs into the

Remora group, Danube. Remora group, heart of the thunderstorm—and the attack.

Danube. And for Christ's sake, the sky will be That assault began a long series of campaigns across Brockway's Horous con-

(allingl tinent. While Leabo's Eleventh Hussars had numbers on their side, the mercenary

- Transcript from Fifth Crucis regiments of the Lexington Combat Group had sheer mobility, and were backed up by

Lancers archives, discreet channel Quebec-7, a small but elite group of auxiliaries. After punishing the Hussars at Whiteville, mer-26 February 3063 cenary Major General Malcom Feinman maintained the pressure on the rest of

Leabo's Hussars.

After two months of hitand-run assaults from their base at Fort Kain, the mercenaries suddenly dropped two-thirds of their command on top of Freddendal, a minor industrial city garrisoned by a mixed regiment of Hussars. Four hours later, the mercenaries took the city, and from there waged a more traditional ground campaign against the Hussars. Though General Feinman originally gave only vague reasons for his change of tactics, after-action reports show that as the war progressed past its first few months, the Archon clamped down hard on supplies going to any units but those professing complete devotion to her while at the same time Duke Hasek was staunching the flow of supplies to contested worlds within the March to almost nothing (in hopes of ending the Civil War within the Capellan March quickly). In his own words, Feinman "[had] to [attack] and either take the planet or die trying, otherwise [the Lexington Gombat Group would] be dead by December."

Using his own Thirty-second Recon as a strategic reserve and "problem solver" regiment, Feinman brought the full power of his other two 'Mech regiments directly against the Eleventh Hussars. First pushing through the foothills of the Calgar Mountains and then into the thick rain forests of the Geth-Do Basin, the mercenaries drove the Eleventh Hussars across seven hundred kilometers. While Leabo managed to pull off several successful raids on the mercenaries' supply lines, those small victories did not change the fact that his slowly shrinking RCT could not hold off the Lexington Combat Group forever.

Having sent message after message asking for reinforcements and never receiving one reply, General Leabo and his command staff decided to pull off of Brockway rather than destroy the DLC for no good reason. They began transporting the command to Ridgebrook in late July, all the while fighting a holding action until the entire RCT could be moved off-world. For their part, the mercenaries pushed hard until the very end. Three days before General Leabo and the final combat commands boosted off from Brockway, the two opposing commanders agreed to a cease-fire and prisoner exchange—upholding some of the longest-lasting tenets of "civilized" warfare. While both sides had sustained between 30 and 50 percent losses, they each also gained some measure of respect for the way they left matters.

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