While Gast continued to batter his lines from the east, Sortek gradually moved his armored infantry, engineers and special forces into the mountains where they located and compromised the sensors placed there to guard Avalon City and the Fox's Den.

On the 26th of July, Sortek met with Marshal of the Armies Davion at a remote mountain villa eight hundred kilometers away. The two old friends attempted to talk each other out ot the decisions each would soon be forced to make, but ultimately nei ther could be swayed from their viewpoints and parted one last time.

Three days later, Sortek launched his grand plan into motion. Relying upon partisans and his network of operatives throughout the continent, he cut the primary power grids feeding a five hundred kilometer radius around Avalon City, shutting it down and likewise neutralizing the civilian and military communications circuits. He simultaneously hit the Loyalists to the east full-force, again making a drive toward Avalon City. That was just a diversion, however. While he allowed satellite reconnaissance to follow his eastern movements, he spoofed all surveillance—satellite and ground-based in the mountains to make it seem as if nothing was happening there while he moved two com bat commands through secret mountain passes to the Fox's Den.

Indeed, Sortek's covert assault on the AFFS command center might have worked had a platoon of MI-6 operatives not been training on a ridge overlooking one of Sortek's prime march routes. I he DMI platoon notified the Fox's Den in time to airlift two battalions of Tenth DLC 'Meehs Into the mountains. Once there, reinforced by the two 'Mech and two battle armor battalions assigned specifically to the defense of the Fox's Den, the Loyalists pounced on the unsuspecting First Guards. The Battle for the Fox's Den lasted almost seven hours, and while the Loyalists had been reduced to a mere shell of their original strength. Sortek's commands, too, were shattered. Worse, the main body of the First Guards was forced back into Camelot by a Loyalist assault numberin almost three times their strength.

Following that defeat, Sortek knew that his battle for New Avalon was over. He did not have the manpower he needed to follow up with a successful raid that would end the fighting on the capital world. As Wave One came to a close, Marshal Sortek began to think of the long view.

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