Federated Suns

While Victor Steiner-Davion was still within the Lyran Alliance, slowly but surely making his way down to the Terran Corridor, the heaviest fighting was still concentrated within the

Federated Suns. With officers like Field Marshal Ardan Sortek coordinating the Allied grand strategy within the Suns and the dukes of the two border Marches fighting hard to keep authority over their own troops by pursuing their own battles, the Archon and her advisors were hard-pressed to achieve their own victories against major targets. On the other hand, the divi-siveness within the nominally Allied AFFS units did allow the Archon to win a few key battles.

As much as the Archon commanded her generals to give her victories over the Allied forces, her most senior commanders knew that she simply didn't have the loyalty of enough key units to quickly end the war the way that she wanted. Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion recognized the strengths and weakness es of the Loyalist troops all too well, and unlike most of the Archon's close advisors, was unafraid to speak the truth. Rather than spread the Loyalist troops across the Federated Suns in a vain attempt to put down every unit and senior officer that hadn't pledged their absolute loyalty to the Archon, Marshal of the Armies Davion concentrated on a few key worlds where he could crush the Allies, or at least stymie their advance and rob them of the initiative,

On the other hand, Reld Marshal Sortek had won hands-down the first round of strategic maneuvering by grabbing up a number of PDZ capitals, giving the Allied forces the lines of communication that they needed to prosecute the war within the Federated Suns. In this second wave, he began to concentrate on Loyalist command and communications nodes as well as those relatively few worlds that were necessary to keep his growing Allied army operating with enough foodstuffs, supplies, ammunition and replacement equipment. Additionally, he began to coordinate more with Baron Tancred Sandoval, who was himself defying his father and leading an Allied advance through the Draconis March.

While Field Marshal Sortek was beginning to move against his second wave of target worlds, Marshal of the Armies Davion very deftly blocked many of those maneuvers with his own strate gic counters. Playing off of Duke James Sandoval's focus on the Draconis Combine and Duke George Hasek's somewhat insular stance on containing the fighting within his own March. Davion struck the Allies where it most hurt.

Indeed, though arm-chair historians would categorize the entire Civil War as a Steiner vs. Davion battle, within the


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