Federated Suns

As Wave Four began, the progress of the war within the Federated Suns moved to a different stage. Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion was still experiencing a shortage of Loyalist troops with which to prosecute the war. At the same time, Reld Marshal Ardan Sortek was doing his best to fight the war within the Federated Suns without overly weakening the Suns to outside attack. Of course, both Davion and Sortek fought bitter political battles against Dukes Sandoval and Hasek. who still laid claim to a number of units that both generals would have liked to task to the Civil War effort.

Though the Archon was bypassing him more and more, delivering instructions directly to units involved in the fighting via Field Marshal Simon Gallagher, Jackson Davion remained steadfast in his support of the Archon. Even a visit to Galax had little impact on his loyalties, though the visit with Marshal Ann Adelmana, commandcr of the Davion Heavy Guards, and Major General Jonathan Davion, a Heavy Guards brigade commander and also a cousin to the Marshal of the Armies, did raise some questions within the elder Davion.

Wave Four additionally saw the Draconis Combine not only take back worlds they had lost to Duke Sandoval's invasion, but also hit worlds within the Federated Suns. Suddenly Duke Sandoval faced a much more dangerous opponent than he ever conceived of.

In many respects, the war was on autopilot, with generals like Davion and Sortek simply providing logistical and moral sup port to the troops that were in the field. Their subordinate commanders truly bore all of the weight of their operations, watching their soldiers and MechWarriors fight and die. Yet the war rolled on, and would for quite a while to come.

Federated Commonwealth

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