Federated Suns

The war was already beginning to run its course in the Federated Suns by the start of Wave Rve. No longer were hundreds of worlds gripped by chaos and open warfare. Yet the fate of the Suns had yet to be determined.

The longest running battle in the Civil War—indeed, the battle that set off two entire nations—finally reached its conclusion by the end of 3065, having chewed up four Regimental Combat Teams, two independent 'Mech regiments and a slew of conventional armor and infantry units. Some quarter of a million troops had been committed to the battle for Kathil since the Eighth F-C first opened fire on the Kathil CMM in late 3062 and the dead numbered In the tens of thousands.

But with Kathil finally burning itself out, the war in the Capellan March took on a much more desperate tone. Archon

Katherine finally tired of Duke George Hasek's defiance, dispatching three RCTs to the world of New Syrtis to teach the young Duke a lesson. That those units could have been put to better use elsewhere in the war was not lost on her military advisors, but like any despot, the Archon had begun to wrap herself in her own fantasy world, one where most of her closest advisors would not tell her the straight facts and would instead "spin" them to best mesh with what she wanted to hear.

All except Jackson Davion. The Marshal of the Armies had become something of the patron of the Davion house since the start of the Civil War, and though he had lost many close friends and associates in the fighting, he nevertheless continued to serve his country and its leader to the best of his abilities. Likewise, Reld Marshal Ardan Sortek did the same on behalf of the son of his closest friend, and indeed his homeland.

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