Federated Suns

As the Civil War heated up in the final weeks of 3062, many senior officers within the AFFS realized that they had to make a decision about where their true loyalties lay, and do so very quick ly. Archon Katherine's "enforcers" had already been dispatched from New Avalon to ensure the loyalty of many key units, espe cially those that had not professed any specific leanings one way or the other. Marshal of the Armies Jackson Davion made his feelings known in the first weeks of January to the entire AFFS— "Katrina Steiner-Davion is our rightful ruler, both by blood and by law, and we will follow her orders." While many officers chose to take his lead, many others did not.

Former Field Marshal and Prince's Champion Ardan Sortek, a man who had not only loyally served the Federated Suns for almost five decades but who had been First Prince Hanse Davion's best friend and closest advisor, did not see matters in the same light. He had long seen Archon Katherine as a power-hungry despot, but though she had stripped him of rank and title, he had not used his influence to incite a rebellion. Instead he joined Victor in the SLDF and bided his time. As soon as Victor made his announcement, Sortek began contacting those officers in the AFFS that he knew would be loyal to the former Prince, or at the very least who wanted Archon Katherine removed from power.

Indeed, many of the strategic moves in Wave One were due primarily to Field Marshal Sortek (a rank returned to him by Victor) and his grand network. As many would soon realize, without these moves, the Civil War may have ended almost before It had begun. By securing a logistics network within the Federated Suns, Field Marshal Sortek guaranteed that those soldiers who refused to obey Archon Katherine's illegal and immoral orders, and those who openly fought to remove her from power, would be able to continue their actions.

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