First Sparks

The first hints of war came with the fighting that broke out on Solaris VII in mid-August. In what most people realized was an allegory for the greater unrest troubling the former Federated Commonwealth, the scheduled bout between a pair of favored champions, one of Lyran and the other of FedSuns heritage, turned into a free-for-all that spilled into the streets of the game world and quickly drew MechWarriors from every nation into the fray. LAAF General of the Armies Nondi Steiner ordered elements of the Thirty-second Lyran Guards to the world to suppress the violence, but even that wasn't enough to end the fighting (especially as the Archon had ordered the with drawal of all Com Guards from Solaris VII). Only after-the Seventeenth Arcturan Guard made planetfall at the end of the month did the violence end, if only temporally. On the other hand, that ceasefire was arranged by the leader«; of the de facto factions that had developed on the world among the combatants, not through any action of the Archori-Princess or the Seventeenth Arcturan. The ceasefire did not last, however. Brief bursts of fighting broke out three more times before the Civil War "officially" began. >

At approximately the same time, the First Skye Jaegers landed on Ko, a world in the so-called Lyons Thumb garrisoned by Draconis Combine troops under the auspices of Star League peacekeepers. Other Lyran units allegedly also hit the worlds of Imbros III and Yorii. While these attacks were in retaliation for a raid by the Fifteenth Dieron Regulars against Skye—an action categorically denied by the Draconis Combine—the Combine nevertheless used these attacks as an excuse to annex the worlds of the Lyons Thumb. The citizens of the Skye region were up in arms almost immediately, but instead of ordering troops into action against the Combine, the Archon chose to let the incident pass without further escalation. While she avoided an interstellar incident with the Combine in doing so, the Archon also stirred up the factitious nature of the Skye people.

Shortly thereafter, in mid-October, the Draconis Combine hit again, this time attacking the Federated Suns worlds of Doneval II, Markab and the Draconis March capital of Robinson. That these attacks were not sanctioned by Coordinator Theodore Kurita did not matter to the people of the Draconis March or to their lord, Field Marshal Duke James Sandoval. These suicide units were destroyed quickly and did little lasting damage, but their effects on the people of the Draconis March were far more long-term.

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