Flashpoint Postscript

The Civil War may have had a slow beginning In the final months of 3062 and the first month of 3063, but by the beginning of February, political power-brokers and key military figures were quickly discovering that they would have to choose one side or the other, if only to survive the bureaucratic and popular firestorm. There was no room for moderates, as more than one high-level political appointee found out. At best, they might just find themselves out of a job. At worst, they might find themselves imprisoned for treason, sedition or one of a dozen other trumped-up charges.

The citizens of the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance were caught in the middle of the growing storm. Indeed, while protests and other anti-Katherine activities had taken hold over scores of worlds throughout both nations, the Archon's propagandists were still very successfully spinning the truth to make It look like the war was nothing more than some scattered trouble caused by Victor and his supporters. With no one to tell them anything different, trillions of citizens across the two nations continued to believe that Katherine Stelner-Davion was a conscientious and caring ruler.

On the military front, while the Civil War did not truly begin in earnest until Wave One, by the beginning of the new year, movements were already being made to best take advantage of the situation—both politically and militarily. Scapegoats were designated and operating under plausible deniability became standard operating procedure.

Worse of all, the devastation and agony had only just begun.

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