Fort Loudon

Noble Ruler: Duke Claudius Taylor Kelswa

Star Type (Recharge Time): G6III (187 hours)

Position In System: 3rd

Time to Jump Point: 7.01 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Precis)

Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 45" C (Jungle) Surface Water Coverage: 80 percent Highest Native Life: Mammals Recharging Station: Nadir HPG Class Type; D Population: 1,350,780,000 Soclo-lndustrlal Levels: B-&A B D

Originally designated as LC/T-2395 when discovered by Lyran Exploration scouts, the colonization of the planet did not start until late into 2460, primarily due to a lack of funding. After the "Long March" campaign, the planet was renamed in honor of Captain Calvin Loudon for his heroic actions on Nox in 2465, wherein he gave his life to save his entire command. Fort Loudon was in the process of development by the colonists when they discovered rare metals in the jungle mountains on the continent of Brunei.

Fort Loudon's three continents are situated mostly in the equatorial regions of this very large planet. Tunisonda has the most arable land and is the largest of the three continents. I he planet's capital. Palos, was settled on the continent of Anderssen. where gold and platinum veins were discovered in the foothills of the Dover Mountains. Fort Loudon has been prized in the past for its location on the Combine border and still is today as a staging world against the Clans. Fort Loudon was home to the Star League's 123rd Infantry Division, stationed at the still operational Castle Brian, Fortress Loudon.

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