Noble Ruler; Duke Nicole Slmons-Steiner Star Type (Recharge Time): M5V (206 hours) Position in System: 6th Time to Jump Point: 2.45 days Number of Satellites: 1 (Vigil's Light) Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 40° C (Mild-Temperate) Surface Water Coverage: 70 percent Highest Native Life: Mammals Recharging Station: Nadir HPG Class Type: B Population: 1,235,000.000 Soclo-lndustrlal Levels: A-B-B-B-A

As the capital world of the Freedom Theater in the Skye Province, the planet Freedom was aptly named. Discovered during the collapse of Terran Alliance in 231-1. Freedom lias demanded a price from would-be conquerors and liberators alike. During the Lyran Commonwealth's "Operation Freedom." the Third Royal Guards landed on Freedom to liberate it from the Combine. Lead by Archon Eric Steiner, the Royal Guards faced the elite Sixth Sword of Light. Battling across two continents, the Guards forced two of their battalions into Horseshoe Valley on the continent of Republic. With sheer cliffs and nowhere to run, the Sixth was destroyed in the lush green valley. Only when the Sixth ceased to exist did the Royal Guards leave. The cost of that action, however, would be the Archon's life.

Freedom's two continents of Republic and Independence produce agricultural products to supply most of the worlds in the Freedom Theater. Freedom produces water purification systems and supply parts for Water Pure Industries on the planet Corridan IV. Jefferson City, the planetary capital, is located east of Horseshoe Vtilley. First Lord I heodore Kurita has actually visited

Freedom and dedicated a memorial to those who fell, vowing that no Kurita force would ever attack the world again.

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