Ft Loudon

Though the withdrawal of the Fourth Davion Guards ended open warfare on Ft. Loudon, it did not end the troubles on the border world. The special forces units left behind by the retreating RCT staged a series of raids on the depots of the Alliance Guards and sought to establish a guerilla force to keep the pro-Katherlne force pinned down. Major Lawrence Montkreith, formerly of the 177th FedCom Mechanized Infantry, lead the commando detachment from the front, utilizing his Cavalier-equipped battle armor troops to lethal effect. The raiders' greatest success came when they used their small detachment of captured Fenrir suits to infiltrate the Alliance Guards' principal supply depot, planting charges and destroying large quantities of ammunition and parts.

A repeat attempt on 11 May, aimed at capturing James Ito, was less successful, a chance encounter unmasking the infiltrators before they had chance to complete the mission. The special-forces troops assigned to the mission had to fight their way out of the command compound, causing considerable material damage to the base in the process, though doing so cost them half their number. Several Allied troopers were badly injured and sub sequently captured by the Loyalists, who interrogated them and used the information they acquired to hunt down a number of the special-forces cells. With their numbers badly denuded, the Davion Guard troops scaled back their operations after the disaster. Though they continued to stage attacks on the Alliance Guard for the rest of the year, any hope of pinning the Loyalist unit In place had evaporated.

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