Ft Loudon

Flash: 7 December 3062

Located at the triple border between the Lyran Alliance, the Free Rasalhague Republic and the Jade Falcon Occupation Zone—and one short jump away from Clan Wolf-occupied space—Ft. Loudon had become a primary key in the defense of the Lyran Alliance, especially as it is located "below" the Tukayyid truce line. It was only natural that first the Lyran military would garrison the world heavily with powerful, veteran units. In fact, Ft. Loudon has been the jump-off point for numerous public raids into the Clan Occupation Zones, and likely many more that are still classified.

Long before the first sparks of Civil War flared, Ft. Loudon was a world gripped by tension. AFFC Marshal Alberta Orsina publicly denounced Katherine Steiner-Davion when the elder Steiner-Davion daughter took the throne on Tharkad in 3057, earning Orsina scores of reprimands, bureaucratic threats and even death threats. She weathered them, however, and while she and her senior officers had no love for the new Archon, they and their Fourth Davion Guards remained loyal to the people of the Lyran Alliance, defending them against the preda-tions of the Clans.

The co-located Fifth Alliance Guards, however, were steadfast supporters of their new Archon. Though both units were given the task of keeping the Clans on their toes, the LAAF began to assign more replacement supplies to the Fifth Alliance Guards, apparently in hopes of weakening the Davion unit. Rather than let her unit be so hamstrung, Marshal Orsina simply

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