Noble Ruler: Duke David Nowakowski Star Type (Recharge Time): F8II (179 hours) Position in System: 6th Time to Jump Point: 12.01 days Number of Satellites: 1 (Galatea Minor) Surface Gravity: 1.0

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable) Equatorial Temperature: 55" C (Desert) Surface Water Coverage: 35 percent Highest Native Life: Mammals Recharging Station: Zenith HPG Class Type: A Population: 556,976,000 Soclo-lndustrlal Levels: C-C-C-C-C

Colonized in 2250 at the height of the Terran Alliance, Galatea became a haven for those seeking to escape the technological explosion that was changing mankind's future. Settlers swore off high technology, broke away from the Alliance and planned to live in peaceful harmony on desert world of Galatea. Galatea's lone continent, Lubbucks, covers most of the planet. Due to heat generated by Galatea's star, plant viability Is limited and the ground is nitrogen poor.

In 2333, Terran Hegemony forces invaded Galatea and within a year the planet was once again part of the Terran community. The Star League turned Galatea into a major military training ground, sharing it with the Commonwealth only grudgingly after years of political maneuvering and back-room deals. Galatea ben efited greatly from the Terran Hegemony and the Star League. In and among the many other Star League projects, SLDF engineers built a major Starport called Galaport northwest of the planet's capital, Galatean City.

After the collapse of the Star League and Kerensky'S Exodus, Galatea needed to replace the lost revenues that the SLDF provided. Working with ComStar, Galatea eventually became a Mecca for out-of-work and dispossessed mercenaries. It has been known as the "Mercenary's Star" for centuries, and while Outreach, with its Hiring Hall and Mercenary Review and Bonding Commission, has since become the destination for mercenaries and hirers alike, Galatea still boasts a large mercenary population, and is especially noted as the best spot to hire the desperate and the unprincipled,

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