The people ot the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance never can or will forget the pain of the Civil War. The time for mourning is now over, though. April of 3067 brought with it peace in the former Federated Commonwealth, with the battle for Tharkad ending on 2 April, with Peter Steiner-Davion's victory on the world over General of the Armies Nondi Steiner, and the struggle for New Avalon finally concluding on 20 April, with Archon Katherine's surrender to Victor Steiner-Davion.

Instead, it is time for new beginnings. The war pcrma nently tore the Federated Commonwealth asunder. Even Archon Katherine recognized that fact when she came to power on New Avalon, choosing to keep her realms as independent entities rather than try to force an alliance upon them again.

Indeed, It Is time for truly new beginnings. Victor Steiner-Davion did not prosecute this war to win the thrones of his hirthright back for himself, Once he took custody of his sister Katherine and banished her to servitude within the Clan Wolf Occupation Zone as punishment for tier crimes, he renounced all claim to the thrones on either New Avalon or Tharkad— in complete crontruvenUOfl to what many believed he would do. His brother Peter took up the mantle of leadership as Archon Of the Lyran Alliance, while Duchess Yvonne Steiner-Davion again assumed the throne on New Avalon (though technically only as Regent).

Archon Peter had few candidates available to him to choose as his Commander Pro-Tern ot the LAAF. Grand Duke Kell was not only Ineligible due to his status as a mercenary, but he also felt that he could not take on the weight of rebuilding the Lyran Alliance Armed Forces. Instead, Archon Peter assigned Kell as Margrave ot the newly redesignated Arc-Royal Theater, promoting his cousin General Caesar Steiner to the command of the LAAF.

On New Avalon, Yvonne Steiner Davion made a number of wide sweeping changes of her own. Recognizing the death of the Federated Commonwealth, she officially changed the name of her nation back to the Federated Suns, though she had quite a few senior generals who had fought long and hard for the freedom of the Suns, nearly everyone agreed that only Jackson Davion had the skills and presence needed to rebuild the Armed Forces of the Federated Suns. Though he had served as Archon Katherine's Marshal of the Armies, he had never compromised his principles and he still held the respect of almost every commander within the AFFS.

With the assistance of these senior officers, as well as that of others like Duke Hasek, the two siblings have begun to direct the reconstruction and reconciliation efforts, Excepting for those indicted for war crimes and other -serious offenses, the two leaders have declared a general amnesty for anyone who fought in the Civil War and ordered the release of all POWs. Further, in an effort to rebuild national pride and instill a modicum of esprit de corps back within the AFFS and the LAAF, they have agreed to reassign major military units back to their original nations. As a part of this, once each nation's JumpShip fleets are returned to normal service, they will be providing transport for any Lyran or Suns officer or soldier to return to their homeworld,

Of course, the leaders of these two nations are focusing all of their energies on the reconstruction efforts—both within their cities and their militaries. The Lyran Alliance and the Federated Suns still have powerful and aggressive neighbors. So while much of the resources of the two nations are being directed toward rebuilding the cities, a significant portion is also being put Into rebuilding their militaries.

For the short term, dozens of RCTs and other major units have been inactivated, with the survivors assigned to other units to being them up to operational strength. The two nations' military industries are working overtime to build replacement equipment while supply caches throughout the two realms have already been raided for what materiel they still contained. While this Is going on, the two Steiner Davlons have already announced that some key units, like the Lyran First and Second Royal Guards and the Davion Heavy Guards and First Guards, will be reconstituted within the year, giving the citizens and soldiers ot both realms something to rally behind.

Of course, It will be decades before the two militaries arc back up to full strength. Not only will production take quite some time, but the military academies are just now opening back up to full classes. It will be at least two years before the next generation of military cadets begin to enter the services.

It will take quite some time before the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliance are able to reclaim their former glory. But the mere act of reconstruction will bring their citizens together like nothing else could. Already the resignation and defeat of war is being replaced with hope and pride,

The war is over. Life continues on, for it must. We simply have no other choice.

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