On 11 February 3065, the Seventh Donegal Lancers arrived on Glausar, the scars of the abortive coup d'etat that wracked the unit in late 3063 finally starting to heal. Tales of the Civil War's horrors had finally convinced general Voss-Steiner—a distant rel ative of both his opposite number in the Second Donegal and the Steiner Davion family—to abandon his stance of defending the border rather than dealing with rebellious elements of the U\AF such as the Fourth Crucis. Giausar provided Voss-Steiner with a premier opportunity to do so without wholly sacrificing his principals, vis-à-vis the Free World's League border, and he was eager to set his Earthquakers on the Point Barrow Lancers.

Delmar Voss was less happy to see the Seventh Donegal, a combination of professional and family resentment leading him to regard the reinforcing unit as interlopers, denying the Second the glory that was rightfully there and implying that the Unwearied Second were not up to the job. To Voss' relief, his unit was not made subordinate to the new arrivals, but neither was the Second Donegal made lead unit, despite their prior experience against the Fourth Lancers. Instead, both units would report to Theater Command on Cavanaugh, with Richard Steiner adjudicating disputes between the commanders. This tortuous chain of command, together with the antipathy between the Donegal com manders, hindered the Loyalists' efforts to work together and giving the Lancers an extra margin of breathing room. Nonetheless, even without full cooperation, the Donegal RCTs were quite capable of hammering the Lancers into an early grave and General Giggins had little choice but to fall back once more, resuming their hit and run strikes while trading space for time.

The Lancers struck at the Guards' supply caches, forcing them to dedicate considerable resources to rear-echelon security or else risk grave losses, and the valiant efforts of their air wings—no longer dominant with the arrival of tile Seventh— allowed them to dodge the repeated hammerblows directed at them by the Loyalist forces. There were, however, a number of lucky escapes, notably on April 20 when an over-confident Lancer recon company found itself surrounded by Donegal armor and Infantry. Only the Lancers' maneuverability—all of the scouting 'Mechs were jump capable allowed them to escape the trap but not before they lost three 'Mechs to the concentrated enemy fire. Mechanical failure was also starting to take a toll on the Lancers, over a year of solid fighting leaving few machines undamaged and many forced to operate with multiple damaged systems. With luck, the Lancers would hold out to the end of the year. Without it, they were doomed.

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