GIVinG in To Fate

"Good citizens of the Federated Commonwealth, I could wish many things for us. That the great union of two nations which my parents forged would not have foundered. That I would never have found it necessary to leave you while fighting to end the Clan invasion. That my sister, Katherine, could have quelled her hunger for power, no matter the price.

"But wishing will not make it so. Such dreams have already djed.

"And any hope I might Jiave had for peace between the two realms I once led died with my brother Arthur, who was killed two days ago in a vicious terrorist attack.

"Arthur was a soldier, a good man, and he was learning to become a leader of men, women and worlds. For that, someone decided that he had to die. Arthur's death convinced me that my duly to protect the Commonwealth can no longer be denied. The troubles on Solaris were a harbinger of things to come, and Arthur's violent death underscores the fighting already taking place on worlds such as Kathil, Robinson and Kentares.

"His death will not be in vain. No longer will an unfit and unjust ruler sit on the thrones of the Federated Suns and Lyran Alliance, one who has seen fit to bring violence against her own family, betraying the memory of our father, our mother and the trust of the people of both realms. There is blood on Katherine's hands, and no amount of propaganda will wash them clean.

"None of us wishes to see more conflict, but we can no longer ignore the problems plaguing us. Now we must live with the results, however painful, as we acknowledge the irreconcilable differences that continue to divide my sister from me. It is no longer possible for me to stand back in the interests of peace. The time has come, my people, where no other choice remains.

"None but war.

"This mandate has been pressed upon me by Katherine's tyrannical actions, and by the sacrifices of patriots already fighting on the worlds of Kathil, Benet, Kentares, Demeter, Bromhead, and others yet unreported. We will resist with any and all means at our disposal the efforts to subjugate and enslave our freedoms. We fight with the truth on our side, and

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He placed the Fifth Lyran Regulars on Nashuar. The Fifth Regulars almost immediately began a tense stand-off against the Seventh FedCom RCT, a unit that had garrisoned the Compact for years. In January of 3061, the so-called peacekeeping mission turned into a war of aggression when St. Ives units and the SLDF units clashed over First Lord Liao's orders to place the Compact worlds under martial law.

The fight on Nashuar turned bitter almost instantly, with the Seventh F-C and the Fifth Regulars showing each other little in the way of mercy. Supported by the Nashuar Home Guard, the Seventh had the better position on the world and refused to give anything to the Fifth Regulars other than cramped landing zones. The Fifth responded by making a lightning breakout from their LZ in the city of Grianet and into the Salt River Canyon. From that point, the fight degenerated Into a fight that would eerily resemble many of the fights Of the Civil War.

By April of 3062, however, the situation within the Compact had turned into a full fledged war with the Confederation and the Fifth was rapidly losing cohesion. A final push by the Seventh, spearheaded by its armor brigade, drove the Fifth off the world and back into the Lyran Alliance.

we simply ask that everyone listen and judge accordingly.

"In the end, I know we shall be victorious, re-establishing a trustworthy and accountable government among our people, worlds and nations.

- Broadcast made by Victor Steiner-Davion, December 8.3062, to the people of the former Federated Commonwealth

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