Noble Ruler: Duchess Tamari LaRue

Star Type (Recharge Time): K9III (200 hours)

Position In System: bth

Time to Jump Point: 3.31 days

Number of Satellites: 1 (Agiruur)

Surface Gravity: .9

Atmosphere Pressure: Standard (Breathable)

Equatorial Temperature: 45° C (Warm-Temperate)

Surface Water Coverage: 60 percent

Highest Native Life: Amphibians

Recharging Station: Nadir

HPG Class Type: B

Population: 655,300,000

Socio-lndustrial Levels: A-A-B-A B

Discovered in the late twenty-fourth century, Inarcs was designated a very desirable world for colonization. Due to a computer filing mistake, it was classified as marginal by the Star League. When the League began looking for a world to be used as a prison, Inarcs met the requirements they needed. Soon nearly 100,000 criminals, malcontents arid political prisoners were exiled to Inarcs for their crimes.

twenty years later, the Star League returned to find a vibrant and tlounshing community, Stunned beyond belief, officials soon realized that their information had been mistaken. Even with only one very large landmass, the continent of Insel Desteufels (Devil's Island), named after the infamous prison Island on Terra, the people had thrived. The continent was a virtual paradise, and they named their capital Utopia,

Inarcs had many island chains that would be exploited for their mineral resources. Huge iron-ore and precious metals were discovered in the Vespia Mountain ranges. Star League pardoned the colonists and allowed industries to come to the planet. Blackstone Industries was first to sol up mining operations, shipped refined metal to its other BattleMech plants, though dozens of others rushed to followw suit decades later. Today, Inarcs is ari important cog in the Alliancc military machine, providing BallleMeChs as much as other war-fighting materiel to the LAAF.

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