h w&m. fedcom civil war

Giausar 145

Free Skye Revolt 146

Other Actions 148

Draconis Combine 149

Proserpina 149

DCMS Reprisal 150

Wave Five Postscript 152


Overview 153

Federated Suns 153

Marlette 153

New Avalon 155

New Syrtis 156

Talon 157

Tikonov 158

Lyran Alliance 161

Cavanaugh II 161

Dalkeith 162

Free Skye Revolt 163

Draconis Combine 165

Proserpina 165

DCMS Reprisal 166

Postscript 167


Overview 168

Federated Suns 168

New Avalon 168

Other Actions 171

Lyran Alliance 174

Cavanaugh II 174

Dalkeith 175

Tharkad 175

Free Skye Revolt 177

Other Actions 178


Revelations 179




How to Use This Atlas 187

Federated Suns Worlds 187

Lyran Alliance Worlds 194 Draconis Combine Worlds 201

Jade Falcon Worlds 203


BattleTech Integration 205

AeroTech Integration 207

MechWarrior Integration 208

BattleForce Integration 209



Christoffer "Bones" Trossen Chris Hartford

Additional Writing

Warner Doles

Product Development

Randall N. Bills

Product Editing

Christoffer "Bones" Trossen Michelle Lyons

BattleTcch Line Developer

Randan n. bins

Production Staff

Cover Art

Franz Vohwinkel Cover Design

John Bridegroom Layout

Jason Vargas Illustrations Mathew Plog

Special Thanks

To Chris Hartford and Warner Doles for picking up the ball so late in the game so that we could get this buok out!

Randall Bills, Bryan Nystul, Dan "Flake" Grendell and Loren "It you think the Chaos March is □ madhouse then you should see my house" Coleman fur his work on the various incarnations Of the Civil Wnr deployment spreadsheets.

To 0ystein Tvedten for your masterful work wrth the Inner Sphere maps, and especially for putting up with all of our continual changes, additions and revisions.

To Mike "Deadman" Nelson, John "Ralph" Kielman, Chris "Schris/Chunga/ Kemo" Smith, Peter "Liao Bastard" Smith and Peter "I don't think he has a nickname" I aCasse for the occasional comment and off the wall idea.

Congratulations to Brian Huss tor winning the FedCom Civil War Cover Contest by submitting the winning concept Idea.

And especially to all of you who played in the Monte Diablo battles around the world (over seven hundred players!). Vou left your mark on the Battle lech universe fur the first time, but definitely not for the last time!


Much of the material found in this book is based on the work of the following authors, who have successfully shaped a living and breathing universe over the course of these last seventeen years: Adventure Architects, Herbert A. Beas II. Randall N. Bills. Jim Brunk, Alex Bund, Brent Carter, Robert N. Charette. Loren L. Coleman, Robert Cruz, Tara Gallagher, C. R. Green, Dan "Rake" Grendell, Thomas S. Gressman, Chris Hartford, Michael T. Herbert. Karl Hiesterman, Todd Huettel, Christopher Hussey, Donna Ippolito, Evan Jameson, J. Andrew Keith, William H. Keith, Jr., Dale L. Kemper, Patrick Kirkland, Rodney Knox, Jeffrey Layton, Michael Lee, Sam Lewis, James Long, Stephan I. Matls, Ardoth Mayhar, Victor Milan, Sharon Turner Mulvihill, Jim Musser. Bryan Nystul, Blaine Lee Pardoe, Geoff Pass, Michael Pellieciotti, Tom Peters, Boy F. Petersen, Jr., Donald G. Phillips. Diane Piron-Gelman, Anthony Pryor, Lester W. Smith, Rick David Stuart, John Thiesen, Robert Thurston, Christoffer Trossen, Robt. Wells, and last, but certainly not least, L. Ross Babcock, Jordan Weisman and Michael A. Stackpole. <Whew!>

BattleTech®, Mech®, BattleMech®. MechWarrior®, AcroTech® and WK Games are trademarks and/or registered trademarks of WizKids LLC in the United States and/or other countries. Copyright© 2002 WizKids I.LC. All Rights Reserved. No part of this work may be reproduced, stored in a retrieval sys tern, or transmitted In any form or hy any means, without the prior permission In writing of the Copyright owner, nor be otherwise circulated in any form oilier than that In which it is published. Printed in the USA.

Published by fantasy Productions US • 1G08 N. Milwaukee • Suite 1005 • Chicago. IL 0tx;4/

Exclusive bonktrade distribution by Osseum Entertainment ( and regional distributors.

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