Mobile HQ (HQ)

Consumables: Food, ammunition and medical needs slowly eat away at supplies. At the start of a battle, each player should spend 1 point for every 10 elements (round fractions up) in their force, reflecting such needs. If they are unable or unwilling to pay this supply cost, every element in that force suffers a +1 penalty to their Skill Modifier for the duration of the battle. This penalty increases by +1 for each battle in which there is insufficient supply, so if a unit fights a second battle without the Consumables requirement being met they are at +2, +3 in a third battle, and so forth. All such penalties are removed once a unit's consumables needs are met.

Regaining Supply Points

As they can spend them, so a unit can attempt to regain supplies during a campaign. There are three principal methods of doing so: Salvage, shipments and foraging.

Salvage: If a side retains control of the battlefield at the end of a scenario. they may salvage friendly and enemy material for use later in the campaign per the rules on p. 107 of BF2. Material salvaged in this manner may be used to repair a unit of the appropriate type ('Mech to repair 'Mechs, etc) or it may be used to meet Consumables needs. It may not be used to buy reinforcements.

Shipments: Units generally rely on shipments from their nation's supply organization (usually a quartermaster corps) to meet their operating needs. Each turn, a unit receives 1D6 supply points for every 10 elements (round down) in the force, though they also "invest" existing supplies to buy additional material. Each Supply Point "invested" in this manner produces 1D6-2 supply points in two turns time, with negative values treated as 0. If the Supply Availability rules are being used, multiply the cost of Investment by the indicated percentage and roll Interception for each die of supply.

Foraging: Units may attempt to live off the land, but this rarely provides sufficient material to support a modern armed force. A unit may attempt to gain supplies via foraging, rolling 1D6 and subtracting 1 for each forage attempt in the campaign. The first attempt thus generates 1D6-1 points, the second 1D6-2 and so forth.

Cities: If playing BattleForce In conjunction with Planetary Assault, each city controlled by the player generates 1D6 Supply Points per turn.

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