caused more problems than they solved, especially as some of the most senior officers quickly became known as hatchetmen. Hauptmann General William Regis, son of the last Lyran General of the Armies and a staunch Lyran nationalist, took early retirement in spite of a promising career—one that could have taken him to the head of the AFFC—because those around and under him considered him nothing more than a Davion puppet. His was not the only career to suffer such a blow.

But the close of the decade brought a sudden spurt of solidarity to the AFFC, though not because of any actions of the High Command. In late 3049, as everyone knows today, the Clans returned to the Inner Sphere on their Operation Revival; the Lyran State lay in the direct line of their assault path.

The AFFC was, as we all know, ill-prepared for the Clan onslaught. Not only did these descendants of Aleksandr Kerensky's Slar League Defense Force have the technological advantage, but they attacked from a completely undefended approach. The first year of the Clan War saw the AFFC simply pouring as many units as they could Into the path of the Clans, a tactic that resulted in the deaths of far too many young sons and daughters.

As the war progressed, the factious nature of the AFFC, and Indeed the entirety of the so-called Federated Commonwealth, truly came to the surface. People in the Lyran state believed that Prince Hanse Davion did not care about them and was holding back is best units to protect the Federated Suns. At the same time the people in the Federated Suns complained just as loudly that they were sending their sons and daughters off to be slaughtered by the Clans for no good reason. The fact that the two nations were put onto a wartime economy as soon as the threat of the Clans became apparent did not help matters at all; civilian shipping almost ground to a halt and luxury items quickly became almost impossible to obtain. Moreover, the price of common items and even food rose to such great heights on some worlds that some citizens found it almost impossible to live.

To be fair, this dissatisfaction did not extend to every world nor did a majority of the citizens of the two nations even express their unhappiness with the Federated Commonwealth alliance. Polls from that time period indicate that there were still a majority who believed that their leaders were effectively performing their jobs and that the alliance was still a good thing. Of course, by this time the cracks in the foundation were becoming more readily visible.

The Federated Commonwealth still had some life in it, though.

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