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How does one begin an introduction to the darkest and most painful chapter in the history of the Federated Suns or the Lyran Alliance without sounding insincere or cold-hearted? The Civil War lasted some five long years, killed millions of people in both realms, plus many more in the Draconis Combine and even the Clan Occupation Zones, cost untold trillions of C Dills in damages and involved soldiers from every major power in the Inner Sphere.

Some say it was destined to happen while others believe that it was the jealously and trcachcry of one individual that brought Civil War to the Federated Commonwealth. Historians can argue those points of view until they are blue in the face and the outcome will still be the same: the Federated Commonwealth is no more. Her bust sons and daughters are dead. The Inner Sphere is in ruins. The economies Of the Federated Suns and the Lyran Alliancc arc shattered. Their militaries are mere shells of what they once were,

What more can anyone say?

As a soldier myself, I had considerable difficulty even responding to Victor Steiner-Davion's request that the NAIS put together a document that would recount the events of the Civil War, much like Dr. Banzai did following the Fourth Succession War. The New Avalon Institute of Science has always been devoted to making knowledge and technology accessible to the common man, but weren't we still too close to the war? The wounds opened up by this conflict were still far from healing, indeed if they even could heal.

But then I came to realize that, more than anything, if we were to begin the healing process, we would need information. We cannot begin to answer the question "why" without knowing "how." From my position on New Avalon, I was unfortunately sitting center-stage to the entire progress of the war. I watched the terrible battles here on this beautiful world, saw gun-camera footage and battle reports as they came in. Talked firsthand to those who fought on both sides.

I was one of the "lucky" few who knew what was truly going on. But only after I was asked to put this work together did I realize that almost no one outside of the AFFS or IMF High Commands had that kind of access. As my staff began to research the progress of the war, we began to see Just how deep the lies that Katherine Stelner-Davion and her agents .spread truly were. While every world within the former Federated Commonwealth was touched in some way by the Civil War, most had only received news about its progress as filtered through the Archon's propagandists, individuals whose job it was to paint Katherine as the benevolent ruler and Victor as the evil despot.

Worse, with the glut of "renegade" news stories, "real-life" accounts and fictionalized novels and holo-vid productions, even the educated had difficulty determining what was "real" and what was fiction. Almost everyone in the Inner Sphere has seen either the Archer Christifori or the "Heavy Guard" holo-flicks, but while they interspersed gun-camcra footage into their productions and employed actual AFFS or LAAF officers as advisors, those vids bear little resemblance to what really transpired.

So. what you see here in front of you, it the "real deal." We have cut through the propaganda and the fictionalizations to deliver you the true stories of the Civil War. You will probably be shocked to learn that, in many cases, what you thought was true has nothing to do with the truth. We have not changed names or dates to protect anyone. What we have done is comb through the mountains Of official reports, conducted thousands of interviews and reviewed the personal journals of numerous officers and soldiers who were involved directly in the war. This work is, simply, a concise and clear history of the Civil War. Do not let any other publication or release misguide you; this is your ultimate resource to the Civil War.

The first section, Behind the Civil War, presents you a brief glossary of sorts to the terms we use through this work. Prelude to War is a brief history of the events that lead up to the beginning of the Civil War, penned by myself. The next nine chapters describe in relative detail the events of each major Civil War Wave (including the invasion of the Draconis Combine, the Jade Falcon Incursion and the DCMS Reprisal) and was written by members of my staff. Postscript provides you a conclusion of sorts to the Civil War. The next two sections provide a detailed breakdown of how the major units involved in the war deployed and where they fought. The Atlas provides a brief atlas of the significant worlds where battles occurred during the Civil War. The final section is primarily for use by military and academic personnel involved in recreating the battles of the Civil War for the purposes of education.

Every one of us involved in this project have been deeply affected by our work on this project. Like everyone else within the Lyran Alliance or the Federated Suns, we lost family members and dear friends, respected colleagues and close mentors. Having been here on New Avalon during then entirety of the war, from the Rashpoint, through the senseless destruction of the First Davion Guards, past the Archon's bloody purges and on through to the bitter end, we saw firsthand the worst that the war had to offer. Our research into the war only brought the pain of those losses back to the forefront.

I know that those emotions will flood back to many of you who read this, and for that I apologize. I can only hope that we can all learn once and for all that civil war can never bring victory with it, only pain and suffering to all Involved.

Rainier Wolfgram, General, AFFS Commandant

NAIS College of Martial Sciences 30 October 3067

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