Ironic Fate

Perpetually concerned with the threat of the Clans, Victor was handed an incredible piece of intelligence in 3058, one that would affect the lives of every man, woman and child in the Inner Sphere: the location of the Clan homeworlds. Putting together a task force made up of units from every Inner Sphere realm, Victor embarked on an odyssey that would span thousands of light years and take more than two years to complete. But in the end. one entire Clan lay annihilated, and with it the immediate threat posed by the rest of the Clans.

Yet while Prince Victor was doing what he did so well, so too was his sister, Katherine. She masterfully manipulated the people of the Federated Suns and her own sister Yvonne, whom Victor had named Regent of the Federated Commonwealth In his absence. With Victor gone to fight the Clans, Katherine's people played up the fact that, having heard nothing from the two task forces sent to destroy Clan Smoke Jaguar, Victor could have been killed in action months earlier. Subtly encouraged by

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